3PL & Multimodal Services by Barman

Contract Logistics

By combining road, rail, sea and air transportation, stuffing, warehousing and insurance services, we are ready to sign long term logistical contracts.

We have accomplished following projects successfully:

  • Transportation of about 50,000 MT of Urea- Carbamid from Uzbekistan to Bandar Abbas by Rail and from there to Indian Subcontinent
  • Transportation of more than 10,000 containers to implement following projects in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan: President’s House, Amphitheater, Stadium, and Mosque
  • Transportation of Sulfur from Iran and Turkmenistan to China, India, Jordan, Tanzania, and etc.
  • Transportation of Iron ore from Iranian mines to China
  • Transportation of projects cargoes from India to Chest-e Sharif, Afghanistan for Salma Dam Project
  • Iranian optic fiber project and services to Iranian Telecommunication Ministry

Integrated Logistics

We are capable of providing our clients with full range of Logistic support in Sea, Land, Air, Rail, Multimodal and Swap services. We have other services like Storage, Loading & Unloading, Cross-stuffing, Transshipment, Temporary import and making use of Afghan, Turkmen, Uzbek, Tajik, Kazakh , Azerbaijani , Russian and Iraqi trucks that help us to offer integrated services in all parts of Transportation &Logistics Industry to our valued clients.

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Industrial Solutions

International transportation plays a crucial role in industrial advancements. We can pave the way for export of Iranian products by offering reasonable rates and shortest transit times.

By using foreign Rail Organization or combining road & rail transportation, we can make transportation of priceless products like cement, plaster, construction materials, etc., cheap and cost-effective. In addition, in foreign transit with long routes, we can recommend transship, multimodal, swap or rail transportation.

Transportation of goods, temporary import and returning them back.

  • Custom formalities for final and temporary import and export by custom brokerage card from Iran’s customs
  • Warehousing services in customs areas, areas under customs control, in covered warehouses, hangers and open-top areas for storing dangerous products such as sulfur, cotton, etc.
  • Unloading from wagons and trucks, transferring the cargo to warehouses and stuffing in containers or loading in bulk vessels.
  • Trans-ship services for containerized and bulk cargoes at borders, cargo strip, depot and reloading
  • Swapping services, for LPG and LNG gasses, direct transport, loading and warehousing.
  • Carrying dangerous products of class 2 to 9 by trucks on road routes.
  • Issuing CMR and Carnet, air & sea HBL, SMGS, freehand service, D/O, W-Slip, FIATA BL, etc.

Air Transportation Carrier Insurance: Clauses A, B and C.

Ocean Transportation Sipping Line Responsibility Insurance: Clauses A, B and C.

Road Transportation Insurance (CMR Insurance): Clauses A, B and C.

Rail Transportation Insurance: A, B, C Clauses.

We offer cargo insurance with Clauses A, B and C for Air, Ocean, Rail & Road transportation based on customer’s request.We can also offer insurance for cargoes in warehouses or service insurance for cargoes such as cotton that is considered as dangerous cargo.

Low cost insurance presents full insurance coverage in transit routes in Iran & CIS.

Based on customer’s request, we provide a full insurance coverage from origin up to destination & also FBL insurance for cargoes which require this kind of insurance.

Our Exhibition services include carrying cargoes from origin up to the desired destination (Exhibition) for Iranian export cargos or carrying cargoes from different countries to CIS, Afghanistan, Iraq & Iran Exhibitions. These services include Import, Export, Temporary Export & Import, returning Exhibition cargoes, carrying and delivering them to exhibition. We can deliver exhibition cargos to different Expos with DDU, DDP, DAT or DAP services in suitable time.

Regarding customers’ requirements, we offer Stuffing and Cross Stuffing services for COC containers in ports of Iran and UAE and for SOC containers, we offer transshipment services.

We can buy or sell SOC containers, provide FP number or book a container in suitable time in main ports of China, India, Far East and European ports. We also have LCL and FCL services from European ports, China, Far East, India, UAE and other ports of the world.

We have experience of transporting cargoes like Carbamid fertilizer, sulfur, iron ore, bitumen, asphalt, bullions of metals, wheat and other cereals up to 100,000 MT per year. Moreover, we professionally handle transportation of cotton along with warehouse and logistical services from Middle East, via Bandar Abbas to other parts of the world.

Transportation of loose and break bulk cargoes is done via ports of Iran to all over the world depending on commodity and demand of our customers by container or break bulk vessels.

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