International shipping from Central Asian countries

Central Asia

As an international shipping company, we provide reliable and efficient shipping services for imports from countries such as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to your destination.


Central Asian countries, as a region with great history and culture, have many economic and commercial potentials. In this region, a wide variety of products are offered to the market. From agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables and grains to industrial products such as fibers and textiles, these countries are successful in exporting their products to other countries.


Our professional team, with the necessary experience and expertise, carefully pays attention to the details of your transportation and offers the best solutions. Using a wide network of transportation in Central Asian countries, we are able to transport general and heavy cargo with the best standards.


Also, having the necessary facilities in customs and cargo clearance, we are also responsible for providing customs clearance services. With a team of experts and familiar with customs laws and regulations, we will carry out your cargo clearance process quickly and efficiently.


Important commercial cities in this region are centers for trade and economic exchanges.

In Tajikistan, the city of Dushanbe as the capital and economic center of this country has attracted a lot of attention. Also, the cities of Khojand, the valleys of Tapho Vahdat, are also very important in trade and transportation.


In Uzbekistan, the city of Tashkent is known as one of the most important commercial and economic centers of this country. This city has certain advantages as an industrial and commercial city. The cities of Samarkand and Bukhara, Navai, Nokos, Jizak, Qarshi and Mubarak also play an important role in the export and import of this country.


In Turkmenistan, the cities of Mari, Ashgabat, Turkmenabad, and Dash-Aghuz are among the cities that play an important role in the export and import of this country. As international transportation terminals, Ashgabat, Sarkhs and Farab are strategic places for communication with neighboring countries.


Kazakhstan, as one of the large countries with a dynamic economy in the region, exports various products to international markets. The cities of Almaty and Nur Sultan, Chimkent, Aktau, as the economic and commercial centers of this country, are very important in the field of import transportation.


Kyrgyzstan also has great potential in terms of export and import to international markets. The cities of Bishkek, Jalalabad and Osh, Qorsu play an important role in trade and transportation in this country.


With the necessary experience and expertise in the field of international transportation, we can transport all kinds of export cargo from these countries to your destination. Deliver a variety of products including agricultural products, industrial products, clothing, electronics, equipment and machinery, food and other imported goods to your destination with our shipping services.


Trust us with Barman Traber Company and benefit from quality and reliable international transportation services. With a professional team and high working experience, we are ready to improve your import transportation process and guarantee that your shipments will reach their destination safely, on time and with quality.


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