International shipping from England, Denmark, Ireland

Import routes to the UK:

One of the ways of importing from England to Iran is by sea
The important ports of England are:

Port of London
Port of Southampton
Port of Liverpool
Port of Felixstowe
Port of Bristol
Port of Newcastle
Ports such as Southampton/Felixstow/London Gateway are among the ports where the amount of container traffic is higher than other ports.

The sea transportation service is carried out from these ports through 20-foot and 40-foot containers and other types of containers to the destinations of Jabal Ali and Mersin and from there to Iran.

Land transportation routes with standard international trucks from England to Iran is the second way to import goods, which is less transit time but more expensive than sea transportation, and also there is a weight limit for loading trucks on the road transportation route from England. There are rules and regulations of transit countries, which is determined in sea transportation based on the maximum pay load of containers

Air transportation is also a suitable option for importing from England. You can transfer your cargo to the airports of cities such as London or other cities that has flights to Iran, or use transit flights through the Emirates or Turkey to deliver your goods to Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran.

International Freight Transportation Services by Barman Tarabar Transportation Company

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Our Expertise in European Import Transportation

Denmark :

With an in-depth understanding of the Danish market and expertise in customs and transportation processes , we have been able to provide intelligent and effective solutions for transporting goods to/from Denmark. Our services in Denmark include fast and reliable customs clearance, efficient domestic transportation arrangements, and precise cargo tracking. Contact Barman Tarabar Transportatio for sea, air, and road freight to/from Copenhagen. For sea freight to/from Dublin, connect with Barman Tarabar Transportation and our team of experts.

Ireland :

With a deep understanding of transportation needs and regulations to Ireland , we have established extensive distribution networks , allowing customers to confidently send their goods to/from Ireland. Our services in this destination include effective warehouse management, hassle-free customs clearance, and professional storage facilities. We facilitate air and sea freight services. Sea freight is available to the port of Dublin.

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Exports :

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Imports :

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