International shipping from France, Spain, Portugal


Case study: (France, Spain and Portugal)


France is a country in Western Europe and is known by the official name “French Republic”. France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with its rich history and culture, the beautiful capital of Paris and its own historical, cultural and natural attractions. As the fifth largest country in the world in terms of area, France has a diverse geography. From the shores of the Mediterranean Sea to the mountains of the Alps and the Pyrenees, from the plains of the border of Brittany to the romantic lands of the Loire, it is a country of natural diversity. France is one of the most powerful economies in the world and plays an important role in various industries such as automobile manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, electronics, food industry, fashion and clothing, stock exchange and tourism. France is also one of the leading countries in science, art, culture and higher education and has outstanding universities throughout the country. CMA/CGM shipping line is one of the largest shipping lines in the world located in this country and Ships millions of containers all over the world every year. The ports of Le Havre in the north-west of France and Marseille in the south-west are known as the main sea transport links to all other important ports in the world. With more than 3000 containers and a strong network (Official offices in Europe, Canada, UAE, Turkey, Africa, India, Russia, CIS and China) Barman Tarabar International Transport company solves all your transportation concerns, dear traders, related to the Export of goods from all cities and ports of France to all around the world!. Contact our senior consultants ( or +989120290677/+971565094923 (Mr. Taleb) and benefit from free consulting services.


is a country in the southwest of Europe and is officially known as the “Kingdom of Spain”. Spain is one of the most popular international destinations for tourists with its rich history and culture, beautiful beaches, historic cities and diverse tourist attractions. Spain has a strategic geographical location on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. This country borders Portugal, France, Andorra and Morocco. Geographically and culturally, it is located at the intersection of two continents, Europe and Africa. Spain has a diverse climate that ranges from warm and sunny beaches in the south to cold mountainous regions in the north of the country. This natural diversity makes Spain a favorite destination for nature tourism, all seasons. Spain has many beautiful and historical cities. Barcelona, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Segovia, Almeria, Malaga, Granada and Toledo are just some of the famous and spectacular cities in Spain. These cities are very attractive with their unique architecture, palaces, churches, markets and museums. Among the strategic cities and ports of this country from the point of view of transportation and trade, we can mention Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Alicante, Malaga, Algeciras, etc… With a very strong network in Europe and official offices in Turkey and Dubai, Barman Tarabar Company can solve all your concerns regarding the international transportation of your product from all Points of Spain to all Points of the world. Just contact us ( or +989120290677/+971565094923 (Mr. Taleb)


Portugal is a country in the southwest of Europe and is known by the official name “Portuguese Republic”. The country has a strategic geographical location on the Atlantic coast and plays an important role commercially in the region and within the European Union. Portugal is an active member of international markets and has an advanced and diversified economy. The Portuguese economy is structured on the basis of industry, services and exports. Portugal’s prominent economic sectors include automotive, electronics, oil and gas, textiles, glass and steel, food and tourism. Portugal has important seaports that play a big role in international trade. The ports of Lisbon, Porto, Sains are among the ports that allow the entry and export of goods.Also, the international airports of Lisbon and Porto are known as Portugal’s air gateways to international markets. Through its membership in the European Union, the Euro Economic and Monetary Union and other trade agreements, Portugal is considered a dynamic and attractive market for international businesses. Import from Portugal to Iran or other third countries is done through international seaways. Barman Tarabar International company, having representation of prominent shipping companies in Turkey and the UAE, as well as being a joint venture of large European companies, can ship your goods from Portugal to all Points of the world, even as a door-to-door service. Just contact Barman Tarabar company ( or +989120290677/+971565094923 (Mr. Taleb) and benefit from completely free consultation services. We will smooth your business path!