International shipping from Italy, Greece, Switzerland

Importing from Switzerland to Iran is something that requires strict adherence to international transport regulations
In this process, routes, documents, customs tariffs and other factors are very important
In the following, I will mention some key points about importing from Switzerland to Iran

1.Transportation routes:

To import from Switzerland to Iran, you can use land and air routes. Land transportation is usually done via countries around Switzerland

For air transportation, you can use airports in cities such as Bern, Lucerne, Zurich, Geneva, and Basel.

To import from Switzerland to Iran, you can use the multimodal transport route through land transportation and sea transportation

Barman Tarabar Transportation Company, having international offices in Turkey, can transport goods imported from Switzerland through sea transportation to the ports of Istanbul and Mersin in Turkey and then land transportation to Iran. It provides the international transportation needs of our dear customers for importing from Switzerland


Make sure that all the documents and instructions required for importing to Iran are correct

If needed, you can obtain these documents, including invoices, certificates of origin, bills of lading, insurance policies, and customs documents through intermediary countries such as Turkey.

3.Customs duties and taxes:

It is very important to study and be aware of customs tariffs and taxes related to your goods
This information will help you calculate import costs more accurately

4.Packaging and storage:

Proper packaging of goods is very important for international transportation
Ensure that goods are properly and securely packed to prevent damage during transportation

Generally, importing from Switzerland to Iran requires careful investigation and knowledge of all aspects of international transportation and customs regulations.

Barman Tarabar transportation company by Choosing reliable and experienced shipping partners will also be very effective in this process for its customers


Barman Tarabar, as one of the leading companies in the field of international transportation, using experience, expertise and a wide network, we will deliver as quickly as possible and according to the characteristics and needs of your goods, in an efficient way and in accordance with international standards

At Barman Tarabar, in order to provide better international transportation services, we also provide other and customs-related services.

Our team is familiar with customs processes and laws related to international export and import and can accompany you in customs process

This includes preparing required documents , performing customs duties, resolving possible problems at customs and customizing services according to your needs.

In addition, at Barman Tarabar, we use new technologies in transportation
Modern tracking systems allow us to provide you with accurate, real-time information about the location and status of your goods during transit. Also, we use advanced logistics management systems that help us improve transportation performance and efficiency.


The important ports of Greece are:

Port of Piraeus
Port of Thessaloniki
Port of Heraklion / Port of Volos

Considering that Greece has important ports such as the port of Thessaloniki and the port of Piranus, sea transportation is one of the suitable options in international transportation ways

These ports have the possibility of transporting trucks with different products to all parts of the world by having RoRo ships

Sea transportation service from European ports to Greece and then to Iran through land transportation is one of the multimodal transportation methods for importing goods

You can start from Greece ports like Pyrrhos or Thessaloniki which have access to the Aegean Sea.
Then pass through Turkey and enter Iran through roads

Also, due to having a common border with countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria, and Albania, Greece has suitable routes for land transportation by truck to Iran, as well as other neighboring countries and to Europe.

The route from Greece to Bulgaria and through Bulgaria and transit from there to Iran

You can start from Greek ports and move northeast towards Bulgaria
Through land roads and shared borders between Bulgaria and Turkey, transit through and enter Iran.


Sea transportation is one of the main methods of international transportation from Italy to Iran
Having important ports such as the port of Genoa or the port of Naples, Italy provides sea transportation routes to Iran and other parts of the world.
After arriving at the destination port, your cargo will be transferred to the final destination in Iran using domestic transportation methods

The important ports of Italy are:

Port of Naples
Port of Bari
Port of Trieste
Port of Genoa
Port of La Spezia

Italian ports with advanced transportation facilities and strategic location provide the possibility to transfer goods by land and sea.
land transportation from Italy to Iran is another method of international transportation. Land transportation from Italy is carried out with the help of sea ports between Italy, Greece and Turkey

Trucks containing products from Italy are transferred to the ports of Istanbul and Pendik in Turkey through the ports of Bari and Trieste with RoRo ships, and then they continue on their land route until reaching the final destination in Iran.
You can start from Italian ports and head southeast to Greece. Then transit through the roads  in Greece and enter Iran
Air transportation is also a suitable option for importing from Italy. You can deliver your cargo to Rome Fiumicino International Airport and Milan International Airport and then use airlines such as Iran Air, Emirates or Qatar to deliver your goods to Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran.