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The country of New Zealand is far away from any land in a way that the country of Australia is the closest country to New Zealand and the distance between these two countries is about two thousand kilometers.



There are many different ways to ship to New Zealand including sea and air methods.

This method is done using containers and ships and is suitable for transporting heavy and bulky loads.

Air freight

This method is suitable for fast and time-limited cargo transportation. New Zealand’s major airports, such as Auckland International Airport, serve as destinations for this type of transportation.

The most important point in choosing the right method is weight, volume, time and transportation costs. Also, import and transit laws and regulations in New Zealand should also be taken into consideration.

New Zealand has important ports and airports that play an essential role in international transportation. Below are some of the most important ports and airports in New Zealand:

Important ports:

Port Auckland:

This large port is located in the north of New Zealand and is known as the largest port in the Southwest Ocean. Port Auckland is known as the recipient of the largest volume of cargo and containers in the country.

Wellington Port:

Located on the North Island of New Zealand, this port is an important connection point for the transportation of goods between the North and South Island.

Leighton Port:

This port is located on the South Island of New Zealand and facilitates the entry and exit point for cargo from southern parts.

Important airports:

Auckland International Airport: This large airport located in Auckland, northern New Zealand, is one of the most important airports in the country and provides international air transportation services.

Wellington Airport:

It is located in the capital of New Zealand, Wellington, and as one of the country’s main airports, it has an important role in transporting passengers and goods.

Christchurch Airport:

It is located on the South Island of New Zealand and provides national and international air services.

These ports and airports are only part of New Zealand’s international transportation infrastructure. These facilities have made the country an important point in global transportation and facilitate international trade and commerce.

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