Rail transport services to member countries of the Eurasian group

Rail transportation services to countries of the Eurasian group


The member countries of the Eurasia group are Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Iran


In addition to the borders of Sarkhas, Lotfabad and Inchebron, the company offers other activities for Eurasia and Central Asia (Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) as well as the Republics of the Caucasus, Georgia and Azerbaijan through the alternative routes of Astra and Aktau. And we do Combined transportation to Central Asia from Iranian ports by truck to northern ports is carried out by Barman Transportation Company , and rail and truck transportation from Aktau and Astrakhan ports to Central Asian and Eurasian countries by our company.

Rail transportation services to member countries of the Eurasian group (known as the Rail Cooperation Council) can be an effective and economical way to transport cargo. The Eurasian Group consists of 26 member countries that are connected on the rail network, and its purpose is to facilitate and promote rail transportation between member countries.


Barman Tarabar Company offers you rail transportation services to member countries of the Eurasia group. Below we review some important points in this regard


Eurasia Rail Network:

The Eurasia Group has an extensive rail network that connects member countries to each other and to other regions such as Europe and Asia. This network establishes strong rail connections between countries and provides the possibility of direct cargo transportation.


Rail transport lines:

In the Eurasian group, rail transport lines directly connect the member countries to each other and to other regions. Some of the important lines include Trans-Siberian transport lines in Russia, Middle Corridor transport lines in Turkey and North-South Transport Corridor transport lines in Iran. These lines provide the possibility of transporting goods by rail from one country to another


Transportation services:

Rail transportation companies in the Eurasia Group provide various services for cargo transportation, including Barman Tarabar Transportation Company. To get more detailed information, just send the details of your load to the collection experts or contact the number below.