Rail transport to Mongolia at reasonable rates

Shipping to Mongolia with reasonable rates

Barman Traber International Transportation Company provides rail transportation services for bulk and packaged goods from all internal parts of Iran to Mongolia with competitive and reasonable rates. For more information, please keep in touch with this telephone number 09158186856.

Rail transportation to Mongolia through Iran is one of the routes used for international transportation, and Barman Tarabar International Transportation Company can provide valuable assistance to merchants and traders by providing road and rail services to Mongolia. Below we mention some information related to this route (Mongolia):

1. Rail transportation route:

Usually, for rail transport to Mongolia, the wagons cross the borders (Sarakhs, Astra) and enter Mongolia through the Russian railway route.

After crossing the borders, the wagons reach their final destination in Mongolia. The usual destination in Mongolia may be Ulaanbaatar, Chuel, Darhan, or other stations, depending on where the wagons will stop.

Anyway, for more detailed information about the rail route and stopping points, it is better to contact Barman Tarabar International Transportation Company or experts I this route 09158186856 .

To provide you the updated and more accurate information about routes and schedules.


2. Transit time:

The time it takes for the wagons to arrive in Mongolia depends on geographical distances, weather conditions, customer expectations, and ……
This time can be different, but it is usually 15-20 days transit time to Mongolia by rail and road . For more detailed information, it is better to contact the transportation company Barman Tarabar and their sales manager .

Transit time for transporting cargo by rail from Iran to Mongolia depends on several factors, including the route, railway conditions, and the type of cargo. It is better to get more detailed information in this field from the international transport company Barman Tarabar or the operator of the specific route you are interested in.

They can give you an estimated transit time based on current conditions and past experience. Also, delays and problems that may arise along the way can have an impact on transit time. Therefore, keep in mind that transit time may be differet.


3. Documents and permits:

For international transportation, documents and permits are needed. These documents include bills of lading, invoices, packing lists, insurance documents, transit permits and other related documents. To get detailed information about the required documents, you can contact the relevant experts of Barman Tarabar International Transportation Company.

4. Costs:

The cost of rail and road transportation to Mongolia through Iran is different and is influenced by factors such as distance, type of cargo, Weight, market conditions and other factors . For more detailed information, it is better to contact the transport company and the consultants of Barman Tarabar Group and inform them of the detailed information of your cargo.

Export and import are important economic sectors in Mongolia. In this country, most of the export products include copper, clothing, and cattle. In the new classifications, it is reported that wool and non-ferrous stones are also an important part of the export products in Mongolia. Most of Mongolia’s exports are to China, Canada and America. In this country, imported products include machines, equipment, fuel and cars. The import of industrial consumer goods in Mongolia is also increasing day by day.

In this country, construction materials as well as sugar and tea are among other products that have been able to achieve the right results in recent years and accurately launch the economic cycle of Mongolia. To send your export/import goods, contact Barman Tarabar International Transportation Company.