Shipping and shipping services at special rates to Canada and European ports

Barman Tarabar International Transportation Company, with more than 3000 containers and official office in the UAE and Turkey, has been able to provide the best services to/from Canada and European ports.

Barman Traber International Transport Company is able to provide container services in the form of transshipment and cross-staffing through the UAE and Turkey for the export and import of goods by sea to Canada and European ports.

By providing the best services with the best competitive rates and the shortest possible transit time, this company is ready to provide international sea transportation services by dry, refrigerated, flat rack and open top containers in 20 feet and 40 feet sizes to Canadian ports such as: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, etc., as well as European ports such as: Hamburg, Antwerp, Genoa, Le Haver, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Stockholm, Felixstowe and other European ports.

Barman Tarabar Company with having official offices in Turkey and the UAE, is able to provide several shipping routes.

The first route:

transshipment services via Jebel Ali from Bandar Abbas to European and Canadian ports.

The second route:

cross-staffing services (unloading and loading from container to container) via Jebel Ali, from Bandar Abbas to Jebel Ali, cross stuffing in Jebel Ali and sea transportation from Jebel Ali to European and Canadian ports.

The third route:

transportation from Iran to Turkey by road, unloading and loading from a trailer to a container in Turkey and sea transportation from Turkey to European and Canadian ports.

Barman Tarabar company is ready to provide transportation consultation to choose the best transportation method for you, Just please keep in touch with mobile phone number: 00989127383349 and email address: ,for more information and free consultation.