About Us

It has been about 27 years since the managers of Barman Tarabar inherited this company from their ancestors. They have been fond of this profession from the heart and have always tried to create innovations in this field. This group is ready to provide services to its customers in the field of rail, road, sea and air transportation and has registered a separate company in each of the mentioned fields. By using the facilities of different sections and combining them, Barman Tarabar group has the necessary readiness to provide transportation services to customers. We have been providing services 24 hours a day for almost 27 years! Barman Tarabar International Transport Company has more than 27 years of experience in transportation, international cargo delivery, with professional management and young, energetic and experienced staff.

Some of our services include:

Forwarder Courier Customs Broker Logistics Services Just as water finds its way, we will also find different ways to transport your cargo. We believe in innovation in international transportation and provide long-term services to our customers.

The philosophy of Barman Tarabar is to provide the best services and also respond to customers without interruption until the last hours of the day. Despite all the existing problems, we love this profession and believe that the excitement and challenges of this profession have made it very attractive. We really believe in this sentence that if you love your job, you will definitely succeed in it. When you love your profession, doing it will be like solving an exciting puzzle for you. Every day we think about new methods and procedures of transportation.