International Transportation to Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon & Jordan

International Transportation to Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan:

Barman Tarabar Transportation Company provides transportation, commerce, imports, exports , and warehousing services for all cities in Iraq , Turkey , Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. For requests and consultation regarding cargo transportation to these countries, including rates, costs, sea transportation to Syria, cargo transportation to Lebanon, and cargo transportation to Jordan, please contact 09158186856.

Road Transportation:

Road routes between Iran and these countries (Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan) are established through shared borders. These routes enable transit of goods and sending of shipments. With the utilization of proper logistics services, they facilitate secure and efficient transportation. One of the road transportation methods is (Ro-Ro). The advantage of this type of road transportation (Ro-Ro) is that the cargo loaded at the origin (factory or warehouse) is unloaded at the destination without needing for unloading during the transit, minimizing the risk of cargo damage.

Sea Transportation:

Sea transportation takes place through sea ports in Iran to these countries. Northern Iranian ports such as Bandar Anzali and Bandar Imam Khomeini, as well as southern ports like Bandar Abbas and Bandar Shahid Rajaei, serve as major ports for international transportation. Sea transportation is used for ports such as Beirut in Lebanon, Latakia in Syria, Aqaba in Jordan, and more.

Air Transportation:

For more information regarding air transportation to Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan, please contact the Barman Tarabar Transportation Company.

Barman Tarabar Transportation Company, a leading provider of transportation services, has successfully contributed to these transportations with over 30 years of experience and a skilled team. For more information, please contact 09158186856 .