Freight from Oman to Bandar Abbas


It is one of the countries of the Persian Gulf, which is bordered by Yemen from the south, Saudi Arabia from the west, the Sea of ​​Oman from the east, and the Strait of Hormuz from the north. The total area of ​​Oman is about 309,500 square kilometers and its population was about 5.1 million people.

Oman has rich oil and gas resources, which are considered as the main export products of the country. In addition, steel, copper, precious stones, aluminum and mineral acids are also part of Oman’s exports to other countries. In the field of import, food products, machinery, means of transportation and industrial products are imported from other countries.

Muscat is capital of Oman, it is one of the most important and populous cities of this country, the area of ​​the city is about 3,500 square kilometers and its population was 1.5 million people. This city is located in the northeast of Oman and reaches the shores of the Gulf of Oman.

One of the important airports in Oman is Muscat International Airport. This airport is known as the main airport and the largest airport in Oman and is located in the capital of Oman.

Also, this country has important sea ports, one of which is Sohar Port. These ports are vital points in container trade and international sea transportation between Oman and other countries.

Sohar is one of the important ports of Oman, which is located in the northwest of the country, the population of Sohar is about 450,000 people, and its area is about 52,000 square kilometers.

Sea freight in Oman:

Oman is a country with long coasts to the Oman Sea and the Arabian Sea, and therefore international sea transportation is of great importance in this country. There are important ports such as Sohar Port (in the north of Oman), Salalah Port (in the south of Oman) and Al Suwayq Port (in the north of Oman) in this country, through which international transportation of goods is carried out.

Air transport in Oman:

Muscat International Airport serves as Oman’s main airport in the field of international air transportation. Also, Oman Air operates as the national airline of this country and facilitates domestic and international air communications.

Also, Muscat International Airport is the most important international airport in Oman for the export and import of goods, and Barman Tarabar Company is ready to provide international transportation service from/to Iran to Oman.

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