In this article, we want to write about the packaging of goods and its importance and role in an international transportation, and then discuss about the transportation of household goods (home stuff).

Packaging of goods is one of the most important steps in an international transportation. Proper packaging allows the goods to avoid damages during the transportation and ensure their health during it.

The following items are very important in product packaging:

Use of quality materials:

Choosing suitable and quality packaging materials for goods is vital. Packaging materials must be resistant to impact, pressure, humidity and temperature to protect the goods against different conditions.

Appropriate size and dimensions:

The packaging should be very close to the size and dimensions of the goods. Using boxes and packages that are suitable for the size of the goods is one of the things that prevent damage to the goods during the transportation route.

Correct labelling:

Labels and markings are very important in product packaging. Labels should include information such as the name and address of the sender and receiver, type of product, packaging date and expiration date (if necessary). This issue is of double importance in the case of special and dangerous goods.

Protection against damage and slippage:

During packaging, materials such as foams and breakable protectors should be used to protect the goods in case of an impact and prevent damage and slippage.

Compliance with laws and regulations:

In an international transportation, the packaging of goods must be in accordance with the laws and regulations of the countries of origin and destination. In general, packaging is classified into three categories, primary packaging (goods unit), secondary packaging (distribution packaging) and shipping packaging (cargo unit).The primary packaging is the one that reaches the end consumer.

In fact, this type of packaging is considered the final packaging from the producer’s point of view and the primary packaging from the consumer’s point of view. Among the types of primary packaging, we can mention metal cans, cardboard cans, plastic cans, tubes, glass, bags and sacks, envelopes, cylinders, buckets, and gallons.

This type of packaging is used to protect and unify a number of goods and it flows only between the manufacturer and the distributor (that is, from the manufacturers’ warehouse to the suppliers). Types of secondary packaging include cartons, wooden boxes, coils, rolls, barrels, and bales.

The third type of packaging is for transportation. This type of packaging generally has nothing to do with the buyer and the seller and is done for international transportation. Its types include containers, pallets, cages, boxes, bundles, jumbo bags, rolls, and bales. As it was said, packaging plays a very important role in the transportation process and today it has become a specialty and companies operate in this matter in a completely professional manner.

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