Cargo transportation to Jebel Ali

In this article, we refer to a brief review of the UAE and the services of the Barman Tarabar InternationalTransport company in the field of Logistics in this country.

The UAE has large oil and gas reserves and is known as one of the largest oil exporters in the world. The UAE is trying to diversify its economy by focusing on non-oil industries, including petrochemicals, transportation, tourism and other areas. The UAE has a large and advanced transport infrastructure, which is an important crossroads for international trade and the movement of goods.

The UAE has several free trade zones where companies can operate with favorable economic conditions and access to global markets.

Jebel Ali Port

is one of the largest and most important port and cargo transportation hub in the world, located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This port is located near the city of Dubai and is known as a huge port located in the Persian Gulf. Jebel Ali hub is one of the strategic points in world trade and is an important meeting point for the transportation of goods by sea, land and air. Jebel Ali is known as one of the largest ports in the world and enables the Shipping of large and bulk goods. Barman Tarabar International Transport Company with a strong team and having 3000 containers and with the support of 32 years of successful experience in this field and also having an official office in Dubai called BBS offers the following services to our dear customers:


– Export of Iranian goods to all Points and ports of the world in the form of FCL, LCL, Door to Door
– Super professional cross-stuffing services with photos and videos
– Import from all over the world through UAE to Iran and final clearance
– Extra-regional businesses (direct shipping from the UAE to countries other than Iran)
– Transportation and transit of goods from Dubai to Russia and Central Asian countries with trucks, covered wagons, and same containers
– Transportation of cars by barges, trailers and ships to Iran, and then transportation to Central Asian countries by Car-carrier wagons
– Transportation of fuel and oil products with containers and special tank ships
– Clearance, financial transfers, Switch Documents (SWB), Issue invoice packing, shipping, insurance services, warehousing, Palletize and unitization, etc…
– Supplying goods (sugar, oil, bitumen, urea, sulfur, etc.) from third countries by Usance and financial instruments LC, SBLC, etc…
– Storage of bulk goods for sale to other countries in our owned warehouses
 – Expertise and practical experience in transporting high Volume tonnage goods with bulk carriers.



 Other ports in the UAE where Barman Transport Company provides services are:

Sharjah Port, Khalifa Port, Rashid Port, Abu Dhabi Region, Khorfakan Port and….

Also, Barman Tarabar company has official offices (air cargo transportation services) in Mashhad (Iran), Tehran, Turkey, Dubai airports, which is important for shipping air cargo in the form of small cargo, commercial samples, carpets, volume cargo and so on. .. has made it possible to all points of the world. Some of the main cargo transportation airports in the UAE through which Barman Transport provides air transportation services are listed below with their abbreviations:


Dubai International Airport (DXB)

Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH)

Sharjah International Airport (SHJ)


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