International Transportation to Oman, Qatar, UAE , Kuwait, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia

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Barman Tarabar Company provides international transportation services to Persian Gulf countries by road, sea and air. For transporting to these countries, it is necessary to be aware of different laws and documents. Barman Tarabar company with its experience and expertise can help you in this field and offer you the right rates.



Barman Tarabar International Transportation Company is ready to provide all types of transportation, trading, import and export, warehousing, etc. services for all cities of Oman, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

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International transportation to the countries of the Persian Gulf, including Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, is done in many ways. According to the location and close business relations, they use many methods for international transportation. We describe below the main shipping methods.


Road transportation (shipping by road):

Transportation is done by international road routes from Iran to the countries of the Persian Gulf. The main roads are Tehran – Qazvin – Arak – Bushehr international road, which reaches Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Also, there are roads from Kuwait to Oman, from Bahrain to the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia, and from Oman to other countries in the Persian Gulf.

Sea transportation (shipping sea cargo):

Persian Gulf seaports have an important role in international transportation. Ports such as Bandar Abbas in the south of Iran, Dubai and Abu Dhabi ports in the United Arab Emirates, Manama port in Bahrain and Salalah port in Oman are among these ports. Through sea ports, it is possible to transport goods and consignments to these countries.

Air transportation (air freight):

International airports in these countries provide the possibility of air transportation. Different airlines provide the possibility of transportation and goods with regular and charter flights between Iran and the Persian Gulf countries. Get in touch with us to get the best air rates and get additional information from experts in this field.

In any case, for international transportation to these countries (Persian Gulf countries: Oman, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia), you need detailed information about the relevant laws and regulations, the necessary documents, etc. Coordinate with transportation companies and logistics service providers. Barman Tarabar Company can offer you new ways by providing marine services for the mentioned destinations. So contact us to get more information and get the best rates.