Import, air transport and transit time

Air freight is one of the main methods of international transportation that provides fast, safe and efficient transportation of goods around the world.
Air freight services are provided by air cargo companies
Air freight has many advantages that make it a good option in the transportation industry.

This service allows you to deliver your goods to the final destination in the shortest possible time

Therefore, air freight is very useful for goods that require fast delivery, such as perishable goods, sensitive electronic components, pharmaceutical products, and medical supplies.
Delivery of goods in the shortest possible time is one of the superiority factors of any product in the sales market

Transit time for air freight for different destinations varies from a few hours to a few days.
Transporting goods by air provides high security for goods
Airlines and airports implement specific security measures to maintain security and prevent any threat or danger to users and transported cargo.

These measures include careful examination and inspection of cargo, the use of devices to detect prohibited and dangerous substances, control of identity and access to cargo, and the use of continuous monitoring systems.

These measures create trust and security in the process of transporting goods
With a wide network of international flights, you are able to send your goods to different destinations around the world and find new markets.
This fast and extensive ability to move will help you grow and expand your business to new destinations

Transporting goods by air provides the ability to trace accurately
Using advanced technologies, you are able to precisely trace and manage your goods along the shipping route
Barman Tarabar Air Transportation and International Transportation Company,by having a commercial card obtained from the Customs Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is able to provide air cargo and freight export services at Imam Khomeini Airport and Shahid Hashminejad Airport , as well as This company has the necessary preparation for the re-export of goods through the international airports of the United Arab Emirates (Dubai: DXB) and Turkey (Istanbul: IST).

Air transportation services of Barman Traber Tarabar Company include:

1.Receiving the goods from the shipper warehouse

2.Packing and transporting up to the airport

3.Advising on shipping routes and suitable lines for air freight and transportation and informing quotations with different airlines

4.Providing competitive rates

5.Documents including invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, and any required certificate for different goods

Issuance of HBL and MBL of goods
7. Sending original documents and clearance of goods
8. Receiving the goods at the destination, performing customs duties and providing door to door services
9. Transporting of exhibition goods
10.Operating customs affairs with a commercial card from the Customs Department of the Islamic Republic of Iran
11.Acceptance of agency services from air transport companies
12.Carrying out administrative affairs related to dangerous goods
13. Export and freight to all airports in the world and import from all international airports to Imam Khomeini Airport and Shahid Hashminejad Airport in Mashhad.
14.D/O services, warehouse bill and customs affairs and issuance of HBL
15.Final customs clearance using commercial card number: 9607

Barman Tarabar Air Freight and International Transportation Company, having a network of representatives throughout Iran, will be able to provide various services to customers.
Imports from China, Russia, Turkey, Central Asian countries and European countries can be done with the highest speed and quality at Barman Tarabar Air Freight and International Transportation Company.

Barman Tarabar Air Transport and International Transportation Company (Junit Venture Airman Air Cargo Services Company) is the representative of Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Etihad, Alitalia, Air France, Emirates, Oman Air, Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, Iran Air and the exclusive representative of Kuwait Air, Mahan

Air transportation based on the Warsaw Convention or the contracts that Iranians sign with their customers compensates possible losses using insurance.

All airlines have the same rules for compensation of damages, therefore, we suggest our customers to do insurance their valuable goods

Transporting goods by air has positive effects on the environment
Because air transportation is fast and efficient, greater distances can be covered using airplanes, reducing the need for land transportation for longer distances.

This issue leads to a reduction in fuel consumption, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
In addition, new technologies in the aviation industry, including the use of lighter fuels and smarter route planning, are helping to reduce the environmental impact associated with transportation.

Speed, security, international movement, accurate follow-up, supporting service and high flexibility, economy and positive impact on the environment are among the advantages of transporting goods by air.

Finally, to choose the most suitable shipping method for your goods, it is better to pay attention to the nature of the goods, the required delivery time, the shipping way and the charges associated with each way

In choosing the appropriate shipping method, you should also consider other factors such as the type of goods, origin and destination, required timing and legal requirements.

The dimensions of your goods for air transportation are limited depending on the type of flight and it is not possible to carry goods with a height of more than 150 cm

Therefore, to choose the best shipping method for your business, you should do a comprehensive analysis and carefully check all the factors.
Also, it is better to get in touch with the transportation consultants of Barman Tarabar Company to find the best solutions and suitable options for the specific conditions of your business: +989330230186