Warehousing services play a very important role in international transportation. These services generally include management and control activities of warehouses and warehousing of all kinds of goods, which play an important role in the process of transporting goods and goods from the source of production to the final destination (supply chain). Below we will mention some warehousing services in international transportation:

Warehouse management:

This service includes managing the daily operations of the warehouse, maintaining and managing the inventory of goods, accurate location of goods in the warehouse, logical and optimal arrangement of goods and monitoring of storage systems.

Review and inspection of goods:

In the process of international transportation, review and inspection of goods in warehouses is of particular importance. This service includes checking the quality and determining the authenticity of the goods, checking the packaging and labeling, checking the necessary documents and licenses, as well as conducting technical and laboratory tests.

Planning and implementation of loading and unloading operations:

This service includes planning and management of loading and unloading operations of goods from different means of transportation. This process includes arrangement and arrangement of cargo in warehouses, review and verification of related documents, inspection of equipment and installation of appropriate packaging.

Packaging and labeling services:

In international transportation, proper packaging and labeling of goods is very important. This service includes the selection and use of appropriate packaging materials, packaging of goods in accordance with international and local laws, correct and accurate labeling of goods and preparation of related documents.

Inventory management and control:

In international warehousing services, inventory management and control is of particular importance. This service includes registering and monitoring inventory of goods, updating inventory management systems, repairing and repairing goods, and performing inventory counting and verification operations. 6. Goods storage and preservation services: Goods storage and preservation services in warehouses play a very important role in international transportation. This service includes maintaining the appropriate temperature, humidity and environmental conditions of goods, controlling pests and biological pollution, managing and controlling storage and managing risks related to the storage of goods. The use of warehousing services in international transportation helps improve logistics operations, optimize inventory, improve quality control, and reduce costs. These services are provided according to the type of goods and the needs of various customers and plays an important role in the health and safety of international transportation. In the field of warehouses, some of its common types are as follows:

General warehouses:

These warehouses are used to store general and extensive goods. They are usually located in industrial areas.

Cold storage warehouses:

These warehouses are used to store goods that require special temperature conditions, such as frozen food or medicines. They are equipped with cooling and temperature control systems.

Covered warehouses:

These types of warehouses are used to store dry goods, such as household appliances, electronics, and industrial raw materials. They usually have proper ventilation and humidity systems

owned warehouses:

These warehouses are designed and built for specific needs, specific industries. These warehouses are also known as warehouses under customs key. That is, one key is in the possession of the goods owner and the other key is in the possession of the customs. These warehouses must operate under the supervision of the nearest official customs. The duration of storage of goods in these warehouses is determined by customs. Usually, these warehouses are created for the owners of goods that have a significant volume of cargo per year.

Open warehouses:

warehouses that are not covered and goods are stored in suitable weather conditions. such as sulfur storage warehouses and…

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