International Transportation to France , Spain & Portugal


France is a country in Western Europe, officially known as the “French Republic.” France, with its rich history and culture, the beautiful capital city of Paris, and its unique historical, cultural, and natural attractions, is one of the popular tourist destinations in the world.


France is the fifth-largest country in the world in terms of land area and boasts a diverse geography. From the Mediterranean coast to the Alps and Pyrenees mountains, from the plains of Brittany to the romantic lands of the Loire, it is a country with a rich variety of natural landscapes.


France has one of the world’s most powerful economies and plays a significant role in various industries, including automotive manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, food production, fashion, stock markets, and tourism. France is also a leading country in science, arts, culture, and higher education, with prestigious universities located throughout the country.


The shipping line CMA CGM is one of the world’s largest shipping companies and is located in this country, sending millions of containers worldwide annually. The ports of Le Havre in the northwestern part of France and Marseille in the southwestern part are known as major maritime transport routes connecting to other significant ports around the world.


Barman Tarabar Company, with over 3,000 container units and a strong network, can handle all your transportation concerns when it comes to importing goods from all cities and ports in France. Contact our senior consultants and take advantage of our free consultation services.

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Spain is a country in southwestern Europe, officially known as the “Kingdom of Spain.” Spain, with its rich history and culture, stunning coasts, historic cities, and diverse tourist attractions, is one of the popular international destinations for tourists.


Spain has a strategic geographical location on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. It shares borders with countries like Portugal, France, Andorra, and Morocco. Geographically and culturally, it stands at the crossroads of Europe and Africa.


Spain has a diverse climate, ranging from warm and sunny coasts in the south to mountainous and cooler regions in the north. This natural diversity makes Spain a favorite destination for nature enthusiasts throughout the year.


Spain has many beautiful and historic cities. Barcelona, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Segovia, Almería, Malaga, Granada, and Toledo are just a few of the famous and captivating cities in Spain. These cities, with their unique architecture, palaces, churches, markets, and special museums, have a lot to offer.


Strategically, Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Alicante, Murcia, Malaga, Algeciras, and other cities and ports play significant roles in terms of transportation and trade. Barman Tarabar Company, with its strong network in Europe and official offices in Turkey and Dubai, can address all your concerns about international transportation of your products from all parts of the world and Iran to all parts of Spain.  Just contact us.

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Portugal is a country in southwestern Europe, officially known as the “Portuguese Republic.” This country has a strategic geographical location along the Atlantic coast and plays a vital role in trade within the region and the European Union.


Portugal is an active member of international markets with an advanced and diversified economy. Its economy is structured around industries, services, and exports. Prominent economic sectors in Portugal include automotive manufacturing, electronics, oil and gas, textiles, glass, steel industries, food products, and tourism.


Portugal has significant maritime ports that play a large role in international trade. Ports such as Lisbon, Porto, and Sines provide the facilities for importing and exporting goods. Additionally, international airports in Lisbon and Porto are known as Portugal’s gateways to international markets.


Through its membership in the European Union, the Economic and Monetary Union, the use of the euro, and other trade agreements, Portugal is considered a dynamic and attractive market for international businesses.


Exporting to Portugal from Iran or other third countries is facilitated through international waterways. Barman Tarabar Company, as a representative of well-known shipping companies in Turkey and the UAE, and with joint ventures with major European companies, can provide you with an export route for your goods to Portugal from all over the world, even as a door-to-door service. Just contact Barman Tarabar to take advantage of our completely free consultation services. We will make your trade route smooth.

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you can contact Mr. Taleb at +98 912 029 0677/ +971565094923 &