Rail transport services to Turkiye

Rail transportation services to Turkey

Rail transportation from all railway stations in Iran, including Mashhad, Bandar Abbas, Tehran, Sahlan, etc., to all railway stations in Turkey and vice versa, is possible with covered wagons, long edge, short edge, platform by Barman Tarabar Rail Company . The time it takes for cargo to arrive from stations in Iran to all Turkish stations different and depends on factors such as distance, loading and unloading time, customs process, etc. In general, transit time can be considered between 10 and 20 days. The amount of tonnage that can be transported on the route between Iran and Turkey has a certain capacity according to the type of wagon and it is approximately 55 tons per wagon. For more detailed information and to know the time of arrival of the cargo, portable tonnage, you can contact Barman Tarabar company.

Just contact the experts of the caompany or number 09158186856.

Barman Tarabar  rail services to Turkey are complementary to road transportation, and in times when road transportation is limited or when your cargo is a project with a volume and weight of more than 1000 tons, rail transportation services for Turkey-Iran export and import is justified and important. It is possible to export goods to Turkey from various railway stations in Iran, including Tehran, Semnan, Jolfa, Sohlan and Tabriz, on Turkish railway routes, and the routes imported from Turkey by Barman Transport Company are located in Van, Ghazi Entep, Qaisarieh, Ankara, Izmit, Istanbul stations. , Izmir, Iskenderun, Mersin, etc.

To facilitate your business with Barman Tarabar, it will be possible to contact our experts in rail department.

Rail transportaion services to Turkey include a set of services and facilities provided by rail transportation companies, including Barman Tarabar.

These services can include the following:

Barman Tarabar rail transportation company is able to load and unload your shipments at different railway stations in Turkey.
Barman Transportation Company also provides cargo packing services. They can pack your items in proper shipping containers to protect them during transit.


Our companies actually can trace your shipments also offer cargo tracing systems that allow you to trace your cargo along the way .

Rail Transportation Services to Turkey from Iran by rail can be a suitable option for you. This method of transportation provides features such as speed, security, and the ability to carry heavy loads . Below we explain some steps to transport cargo to Turkey from Iran by rail:

Checking and preparing the shipment :

Before starting to carry the cargo, you should know the type of cargo, dimensions, weight and its nature. You should also ensure the possibility of transporting goods by rail from the origin (Iran) to destination (Turkey). To get this information, just contact the experts of Barman Tarabar on 09158186856.

Contacting rail transportation company:

Contact the international rail transportation companies according to your transport needs. Provide them with information such as cargo type, volume, origin and destination so they can provide you with a price and service offer.


Selection of transport lines:

Based on the offers received from the railway transport companies, choose a suitable transport line for the transfer of cargo. These lines may pass from Iran to Turkey or from other countries.

Transportation arrangements:

After selecting the transportation line, a contract will be signed with the railway transportation company and all transportation details such as timing, type and number of wagons, cost amount, and payment terms will be agreed upon.

Cargo transportation:

according to the schedule and the agreements made, your cargo will be loaded into special rail freight wagons and will move to Turkey (desired destinations). At this stage, you can know the status of your cargo transportation through the rail transportation company.

Cargo delivery:

After the wagon reaches the destination (Turkey), the cargo is unloaded from the wagon and delivered to you. At this stage as well, you can refer to the rail transportation company, including Barman Tarabar Transportation Company, and ensure the correct delivery of your cargo.

It should be noted that the costs, schedule and other details related to rail transportation to Turkey may be different depending on the type of cargo, the distance between the origin and destination and the terms of the contract. For more information, just contact the experts of our company.