Sea freight and combined shipping services from Taiwan to Iran and vice versa



Taiwan is a country in Asia with an approximate land area of 36,000 square kilometers. It has a population of around 23 million people. Taiwan shares its borders with China to the west, Japan to the northeast, and the Philippines to the south.


Taiwan’s exports and imports include electronic products, machinery, household items, plastics, metal products, and automotive parts. Additionally, Taiwan imports crude oil, grains, steel, and phosphates.


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Taiwan Ports and Cities


Taiwan has several important container seaports, and one of them is Kaohsiung Port, which serves as a vital hub for international transportation and trade in Taiwan.


Taipei, the political and economic capital of Taiwan, has a population of around 3 million people.


Taipei International Airport is one of the most significant airports in the country, and Barman Tarabar Transportation Company can provide international transportation services from Taipei to Iran.


Kaohsiung, covering an area of approximately 2,952 square kilometers, is one of the largest cities in Taiwan. It is located in the southwest of the country. Kaohsiung serves as Taiwan’s most important port and plays a crucial role in the country’s economic development. Barman Tarabar Transportation Company is capable of offering container transportation services from Kaohsiung to Iran.


The population of Kaohsiung is about 2.7 million people. With its high population, it is one of Taiwan’s most important economic and industrial centers.

Barman Tarabar Transportation Company, equipped with 3,000 standard and refrigerated containers, as well as specialized containers, along with its official offices and over 100 trucks, can address all your logistics needs, including road, rail, maritime, air, and intermodal transportation. We provide transportation services from all Taiwan ports to Jebel Ali and Bandar Abbas and then transit to the Middle East and various countries worldwide.


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