Groupage and LTL

Groupage and LCL Cargo

Our company is proud to provide you with groupage cargo transportation services. Groupage is an effective and economical way to transport goods in which the goods of several customers are collected in a common container and sent to the final destination. This method reduces costs and improves productivity in the transportation of goods. With our expert and professional team, it is easy for you to provide groupage services around the world.


Based on the type of cargo and your needs, our colleagues provide you with specialized solutions for the best way to transport cargo.


Among our services in groupage transportation, we can mention the collection of goods from all over Iran, proper packaging, loading and transportation with modern and equipped equipment, accurate follow-up and timely notification.


Transportation of groupage and LCL cargo from Iran to the following countries and vice versa:

Retail shipping to Central Asia: Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan



LCL cargo transportation to Iraq: Baghdad, Najaf, Karbala, Basra, Samarra, Kazmin, Al-Amara, Nasiriyah,…

Retail freight and groupage to European countries: Germany, England, Austria, Italy, Turkey,…



Retail freight to all internal parts of Afghanistan


To properly understand the concept of LCL cargo, imagine that you want to send a cargo including a few pallets or cargo with a small tonnage. Your cargo is less than that because of its volume or light weight. Other cargos have been collected and at the appointed time, the shipment should be carried, in other words, If the means of transporting the goods is not 100% at the disposal of the owner of the goods, the goods will be transported together with other goods to cover the cost of transportation lower, but it takes more time to transport that. This method can be applied to both import and export.



Loads that can be transported as LCL loads (groups):


Exhibition loads between the two countries


Obtaining samples of commercial goods from different companies


Small volume purchases are suitable


Disadvantages and advantages of shared transportation:


One of the advantages of groupage in goods clearance is that transportation costs are greatly reduced because these costs are shared among several people, but; One of the disadvantages of groupage is that; Transfer time increases. For example: goods that need to receive a standard license must be placed next to each other or vice versa; Otherwise, there will be a problem in the clearance process. This makes the clearance process longer and the market for the goods in question may be lost.