Transit Time rail freight routes

“Barman Transport Company proudly provides international transportation services in the field of rail freight. With our experience and expertise in this industry, we offer facilities and services that allow you to confidently and securely send your cargo to its final destination.


Geographical Coverage:

We cover some of the most important rail cargo routes worldwide, including CIS countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan Republic, Turkey, and European countries.

We have the capability to provide international transportation services.


Services Provided:

Transportation Planning and Management:

Our team takes responsibility for the precise planning and proper management of your cargo transportation, from scheduling shipments to monitoring transit stages. We will be with you every step of the way.


Consultation and Information Provision:

With market analysis and in-depth knowledge of international transportation, we provide you with necessary consultations regarding routes, transportation types, transit times, and costs.


Packaging and Loading:

We offer guidance and transportation-related services for packaging and professionally loading your cargo.


Tracking and Communication:

Using cargo tracking systems, we keep you informed about the status of your cargo at all times.


Recent Changes:

From the past to the present, the international transportation industry has been influenced by technological advancements and the increasing needs of global communities. Therefore, we have consistently strived to improve our services with technological advancements and customer needs in mind, turning challenges into opportunities.


As a result, it can be said that with technological advancements and advanced transportation facilities, communications in the international transportation industry have improved. Nowadays, advanced features such as cargo tracking, loading facilities, shorter transit times help us enhance the transportation process and provide you with greater comfort and assurance when sending your cargo.”