International Transportation to Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Dominican & Puerto Rico

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Barman Tarabar International Transportation Company transports your goods from different ports of Iran to Central American countries and vice versa in COC and SOC containers. It can also provide you charter ship, freight insurance, FCL and LCL services and Freehand.


Container shipping to Central American countries including Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico is carried out by sea.

Sea transportation (sea freight):

For container transportation to Central America, mostly sea transportation services are used. International shipping companies, including large container shipping companies provide services to the mentioned countries. Important ports such as the ports of Mexico, Panama and Cuba have the necessary facilities to unload and load containers.

In container shipping to Central America, issues such as shipping time, costs, port facilities, customs regulations and internal transportation in the destination country can be influential. Also, if there are bilateral or multilateral trade agreements, shipping and customs rules and regulations may change.

We will describe each one separately.

Mexico (Shipping to Mexico):

As a country with a border with the United States, Mexico is very important for international shipping. The important ports of Mexico include the ports of Veracruz, Manzalcio, Lazaro Cardenas and Altamira. These ports are connected to other parts of the world by sea routes. Mexico’s exported products include automobiles, electronics, home appliances, machinery, oil, and petrochemical products. Mexico also has important imports of food products, electronics and minerals from America and other countries.

Cuba (Cargo to Cuba):

As one of the Central American countries with a special political and economic situation, Cuba has less international transportation than other countries. The important ports of Cuba include the ports of Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Cárdenas. Cuba’s exported products include iron, nickel, sugar, tobacco, medicines and crops. Also, Cuba has significant imports of food, machinery, vehicles and industrial products.

Nicaragua (shipping cargo to Nicaragua):

The important ports of Nicaragua include the ports of Corinto and San Juan del Sur. These ports are very important in international transportation for Nicaragua. Nicaragua’s exported products include coffee, bananas, fish, nuts and sweets. This country also has a significant import of oil products, food and household appliances.

Costa Rica (Cargo to Costa Rica):

Costa Rica, as a small region in Central America, is very important for international transportation. The important ports of Costa Rica include the ports of Moala, Limon and Puntarnas. Costa Rica’s exported products include bananas, coffee, fish, rice, sugar, and textiles. This region also imports food, petroleum products and household appliances.

Panama (shipping cargo to Panama):

Panama is very important with important ports in the Panama Canal and its strategic position in international transportation. Port Balboa and Port Cristóbal are important ports in Panama. Panama’s exported products include bananas, coffee, palm oil, fish and food. Panama also imports food products, industrial products and household appliances.

Guatemala (shipping cargo to Guatemala):

The important ports of Guatemala include the ports of Guatemala City, Puerto Barrios and San Jose. Guatemala’s exported products include coffee, bananas, sugar, palm oil, dates and nuts. Guatemala also imports products including petroleum products, food, and machinery.

Dominican Republic (Dominican Shipping):

The important Dominican ports include the ports of Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata. Dominican exports products including cigarettes, coffee, bananas, sugar, cocoa and nuts. This country imports oil products, food and household appliances.

Puerto Rico (Shipping to Puerto Rico):

Puerto Rico, as a territory of the Caribbean region, has important ports such as the port of San Juan and Puerto Rico. These ports provide global connection with Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico’s exports products including medicines, machinery, electronics, nuts, and agricultural products such as coffee and fruit. Puerto Rico also imports food products, petroleum products, and minerals.

Cargo can be sent to the important ports of Central America through two routes, Turkish ports or Dubai’s Jabal Ali port, as a cross-staff from Iran to Central America.

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