Customs Clearance


Special attention is paid to customs clearance as one of the most important steps in an international transportation. Customs clearance refers to a process in which goods and cargoes enter or leave the country’s borders and pass through customs under the control of customs laws and regulations. In this process, various steps are performed, including document preparation, customs declaration, customs determination , payment, customs inspection and approval, and performing customs operations. In other words, customs clearance means the departure of goods from customs places after completing customs formalities. Therefore, it is necessary to perform customs procedures according to the customs regulations of the country for the customs clearance of the goods. Goods imported into the country for definitive entry, temporary entry for processing, External transit, internal transit and return are declared to the customs and finally cleared. It is very important to know the tariff of goods (Hs Code) for certain import and its tariff plays an important role in determining the amount of import duties. In order to import goods into the country, it is necessary to submit a performa Invoice and actually register an order through the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, which is the first step. In short, customs clearance includes the set of rules, regulations and measures that are determined for the entry or export of goods and cargo to or from a country. These rules and regulations may include the following:

Customs Declaration:

Customs declaration is an official document that includes information about goods and shipments. In this declaration, information such as product name, quantity, value, country of origin and destination and other related matters are recorded.

Customs payment:

Customs payment includes customs fees and taxes that must be paid for the import or export of goods and cargo. These charges may include import duties, import taxes, duties and other taxes.

Customs inspection and approval:

In some cases, goods and cargoes need to be inspected by customs authorities. These inspections are carried out with the aim of checking the health and safety of goods, ensuring compliance with customs laws and regulations, and checking other factors. After customs inspection and approval, goods and cargo are allowed to enter or exit.

Customs operations:

Customs operations include activities such as loading and unloading goods in customs.

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