License and bill of warehouse in Mashhad for sea import

Delivery Order (DO):

A delivery order is a certificate or permit issued by relevant authorities at border crossings or entry and exit ports. This certificate serves as confirmation that the goods and shipments entering or leaving the borders have been legally and in compliance with the relevant regulations and rules. The delivery order is an official document indicating that the carrier or forwarder is commencing customs operations, as declared to customs by the consignee. It should be noted that the determination of whether the consignee can start customs operations or not is a matter of customs, and it is carried out after the necessary verifications of identity. Transport and logistics company “Barman Tarabar International transport company” provides delivery order services at the destination for sea and air cargoes. In the case of air transport, “ Barman Tarabar International transport company ” has airway offices in Mashhad and Tehran and can issue delivery orders. For sea transport, “ Barman Tarabar ” has official offices in Mashhad, Bandar Abbas, Tehran, Bazargan, and other countries and can issue delivery orders. For more information:

please contact Mr. Taleb at +98 912 029 0677/ +971565094923


Warehouse Receipt:

A warehouse receipt is a document provided by a warehouse keeper or manager to a customer or owner of goods. This document indicates the ownership or rights that an individual or company has over their inventory in the warehouse. Warehouse receipts may be used as collateral for loans or other financial arrangements. In some cases, warehouse receipts are transferable and can be used as a means for financial transactions. “Transport Barman” offers warehouse services at the ports and the special region of Sarakhs, with 50000 Meter of warehouse facilities and the issuance of warehouse receipts as part of its services. For more information:

please contact Mr. Taleb at +98 912 029 0677/ +971565094923


” Barman Tarabar  International  Transportation ” with over a decade of experience in the transportation and customs clearance and warehousing services industry, is recognized as one of the largest and most reputable companies in this field in Iran. The company provides comprehensive customs clearance services, manages modern warehouses with facilities compliant with international standards, and issues warehouse receipts to facilitate financial transactions and the transportation of goods both domestically and internationally. Some of the advantages of this company include expertise in maritime, road, rail, and air transportation. For service inquiries and further information:

you can contact Mr. Taleb (senior sales Manager) at +98 912 029 0677/ +971565094923 for any kind of services.