Transportation from Sudan, Niger, Somalia, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Sangam, Benin, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Tanzania


As a large continent with a large population, cultural diversity, rich natural resources and a diverse economy, Africa plays an important role in international trade. In addition to facilitating domestic trade, African ports also play a key role in Shipping goods and services to other Ports of the world. In the following, we will explain some important commercial points and ports in Africa. Transportation services from the main cities and ports of these countries are mainly carried out by sea and air, and the rail and road routes are not useful except for transporting cargo internally to the main ports. Barman Tarabar International Transport Company has official offices in Iran, UAE, Turkey, South Africa, China, India, Canada and Kazakhstan, which are completely independent but operate in the commonwealth, and in this way, it can export air and sea transportation services and import from Africa to all points of the world. The number of ports in Africa is very large and many of them play an important role in the trade of the region.

Here is a list of some important ports in Africa:


  1. Algeria: • Port of Algeria • Oran port • Bejade port
  2. Angola: • Port of Luanda • Port of Lobito
  3. Benin: • Port of Cotonou
  4. Cameroon: • Douala port
  5. Ivory Coast: • Abidjan port
  6. Egypt: • Alexandria • Port Said • Sokhna port
  7. Guinea: • Bati port
  8. Kenya: • Port of Mombasa • Lamu port
  9. Libya: •Port of Tripoli
  10. Madagascar: • Port of Tamatave
  11. Mozambique: • Beira port • Port of Nampula
  12. Namibia: • Walvis Bay port
  13. Nigeria: • Port of Lagos • Tincan port
  14. Senegal: • Dakar port
  15. South Africa: • Port of Durban • Port of Cape Town • Port Elizabeth
  16. Tanzania: • Dar es Salaam port
  17. Togo: • Port of Lome
  18. Tunisia: Port of Tunis (Luxembourg) • Sfax port
  19. Uganda: • Mokwa port
  20. Morocco: • Port of Casablanca • Port of Agadir
  21. Somalia: • Port of Mogadishu
  22. Mauritania: • Nouakchott

These are only some of the important ports in Africa, and Barman Tarabar International transportation company provides transportation services from all internal points and ports of Africa to India, UAE, Turkey, Iran, and Central Asia. In order to transport from these ports, it always suggests different methods, so that each method has its own advantages, and in the end, you, the merchant, will choose between different methods. In order to transfer goods from the mentioned countries or other African countries, there are many different methods in which Barman Tarabar has sufficient skills and expertise in all of them. Other services of Barman Tarabar Transport Company include:

* Transporting bulk goods from African ports to Bandar Abbas and Turkish ports and Jebel Ali port

* Carrying dangerous and non-standard goods from the ports of these countries

* Transportation of goods in an extra-regional way Such as shipping from Africa to Jebel Ali, Africa to Russia through Novorossiysk ports, and shipping from North Africa and all African ports to Central Asian countries, direct shipping to India, China, South America, etc.

Barman Tarabar International Transport Company, by having 3000 normal and refrigerated containers and special containers and by using its official offices and also by having more than 100 trucks, will solve all your logistics concerns (road, rail, sea, air and combined transport) dear traders. For a free consultation, contact Mr. Taleb on +989120290677 (call- WhatsApp) or email:  Send a message.