Sending all kinds of cargo to Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan

Send all kinds of cargo to Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan

Experience the best way of international transportation for imports from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan with Barman Traber. As a reliable company in the field of international transportation, we are able to provide professional and high quality services to our customers with an experienced team and extensive experience in this field. Close connections and continuous cooperation with reliable international transport networks allow you to send your cargo to Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan with speed, security and high efficiency.


Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are two important countries in the Central Asia region, which are very attractive for international trade due to their geographical location and rich natural resources. Despite its rich energy resources, Turkmenistan, as a producer and exporter of natural gas and oil products, is often considered for the import of various goods. As a country with strong industries, production of clothing, food, machinery and industrial products, Uzbekistan is an attractive market for export and import.


In Turkmenistan, Ashgabat city is known as one of the important commercial cities. With modern transportation facilities and active commercial centers, Ashgabat is considered as the gateway to nearby markets. Also, other famous cities such as Turkmenbashi and Meri in Turkmenistan are also of commercial importance.


In Uzbekistan, the cities of Tashkent and Nemangan are famous as business centers. These cities with strong industrial foundations and advanced transport infrastructure allow you to interact directly with the markets of Uzbekistan and neighboring countries.


We, Barman Transport Company, are able to send all kinds of cargo to Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan by providing various international transportation services. The products you can import from these countries include agricultural products, food, minerals, clothing, industrial machinery and other industrial and consumer goods. Our team consists of experienced shipping professionals who will help you choose the best shipping method and customs clearance.


Using our extensive international shipping network, you can safely and quickly send your cargo to Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Focusing on quality, security and speed of service, we assure you that your cargo will be received at its destination quickly and safely.


Use the cooperation with Barman Traber for the international transportation of your goods to Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and take advantage of our experience in this field.

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