International shipping from Poland, Ukraine, Moldova

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Import routes to Poland:

One of the import ways from Poland to Iran is the sea transportation route

The important ports of Poland are:

Gdansk port
Gdynia port

These ports are part of the ports where the amount of container traffic is higher than other ports

The sea transportation service is carried out from these ports through 20-foot and 40-foot containers and other types of containers to the destinations of Jabal Ali and Mersin and from there to Iran.

Land transportation routes with standard international traffic tucks from Poland to Iran is the second way to import goods, which has less transit time and more cost compared to sea transportation, and also in the road transportation route from Poland, there is a weight limit for loading tucks. There are rules and regulations of transit countries, which is determined in sea transportation based on the max pay load of containers


Air transportation is also a suitable option for importing from Poland. You can transfer your cargo to the airports of cities like Warsaw or other cities that fly to Iran, or use transit flights through the Emirates or Turkey to deliver your goods to Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran.



The important ports of Ukraine are:

Port of Odesa
Port of Kyiv

Considering that Ukraine has important ports such as Odessa port and Kiev port, sea transportation is one of the suitable options in international transportation methods.

These ports have the possibility of transporting trucks with different products to all parts of the world by having RoRo ships

The sea transportation service from Ukrainian ports to Turkey through the Black Sea and then to Iran via land transportation is one of the combined transportation ways for importing goods.

Due to the access to the Black Sea of Greece, due to having common border with countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria, and Albania, Ukraine has suitable routes for land transportation by truck to Iran, as well as other neighboring countries and to Europe.

Odessa port has modern transportation infrastructure and advanced loading and unloading facilities

This port can be considered as an important communication bridge for various exports and imports from and to the region. All kinds of cargo, including mineral goods, agricultural products, petroleum products, etc., are transported through this port

Also, due to its geographical location and access to the Black Sea, Odessa port has geostrategic importance and plays an important role in international trade.


Import ways from Moldova

Import routes from Moldova to Iran can be done by land and air.
For land transportation, goods are usually transferred from Moldova to neighboring countries such as Romania or Ukraine, and then sent to Iran by road.

For air transportation, Moldovan airports such as Chisinau Airport can be used and goods can be imported through direct or connecting flights to Iranian airports such as Imam Khomeini International Airport (RA) and Mehrabad International Airport.

Land transportation routes with standard international traffic trucks from Moldova to Iran is the second way to import goods, which has less transit time and more cost compared to sea transportation, and also in the road transportation route, there is a weight limit for loading trucks according to the rules. And there are regulations of the transit countries, which is determined in sea transportation based on the max pay load of the containers

Also, in the import routes from Moldova to Iran, the following are also significant:



To carry out the import operation, you must prepare and complete all the necessary documents and instructions. This includes invoices, bills of lading, certificates of origin, insurance policies and various customs documents.

2.Choosing Packing type:

Proper packaging of goods is very important for international transportation. Ensure that the goods are properly and securely packed so that they are not damaged during transit to the destination.

3.Review of customs regulations and tariffs:

Before importing, familiarize yourself with the regulations and customs tariffs related to your goods in the destination country. This information will help you avoid problems at the customs stage


It is essential to follow the steps of transportation, including the arrangement of transportation, the status of importation at customs, and the delivery of goods at the destination

Finally, experience and accuracy in planning and carrying out import procedures from Moldova to Iran will help you to perform international transportation operations well and reduce possible problems.