Astara railway route to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Eastern Europe

Hello. Barman Traber Company is one of the leaders in the field of international transportation and offers a wide range of services in this field. In this section of the “Services” page, we describe the Astara rail route to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Eastern Europe. These routes provide a vital connection between different areas and the possibility of transporting various loads.

Astara to Azerbaijan railway route:

This route establishes an important connection between Astara and Azerbaijan. By using the advanced rail network, your goods will reach their destination quickly and safely. Our team, with its experience and expertise, always seeks to provide better services and improve transportation routes.

Astara to Georgia rail route:

It provides a vital connection between Astara and Georgia. By choosing this route, you can transfer your cargo to Georgia and be more productive in your transportation operations. With an extensive network of railway stations and facilities, our team ensures that your cargo will reach its destination quickly and with quality.

Astara railway route to Russia:

This route allows you to transport your cargo between Astara and Russia. Due to the geographical proximity of these two areas, smoother and more efficient transportation is possible. Our team offers the best services in this direction by cooperating with railway operators and having strong connections.

Astara railway route to Eastern Europe:

This route is very important for cargo transportation between Astara and Eastern European countries. Using the complex and modern rail network, your goods will reach their destination directly and efficiently. With the ability of accurate planning and better forecasts, our team assures you that your cargo will reach its final destination on time and without any problems.

After the agreement on the railway connection between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, which was signed by Mahmoud Vaezi, the then Minister of Communications and Information Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Minister of Economy and Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan, these rail measures have now been completed. The volume of trade between the two countries is 500 million dollars per year, which will increase to 2 billion dollars per year with the connection of the railway network between Iran and Azerbaijan.

In the meeting of the joint economic commission of the two countries, it was decided that the implementation of the Astara bridge, which connects the railway lines of the two countries, will be the responsibility of the Azerbaijani side at the joint cost of the two countries.

This railway line, which is of great importance, is connected to the railway lines of Azerbaijan from the Qazvin-Rasht-Anzali-Astara route. It is considered an international railway line because by connecting the railway lines of Iran to Azerbaijan in the mentioned route, the railway 5 1,200 kilometers from India to the port of Helsinki in Northern Europe are connected, and this line is considered an international railway line. As a result, with this connection, cargo transportation will be reduced from 45 days to 20 days. And the road will be shortened by about three thousand kilometers, so it is a big event in rail transportation.

According to the reports of the Ministry of Roads, the distance between Azerbaijan’s railway lines and Iran’s border is eight kilometers, and it was decided to build a railway line in this distance, and two kilometers inside Iran will also be built by our country’s railway company.



Therefore, connecting the railway and building a terminal with a capacity of 5 million tons of goods is one of the good things that we have witnessed. In Astara, we have a combination of railway, port and road transportation, and this combined transportation will be an opportunity to facilitate the transfer of goods to Azerbaijan and Russia from the Persian Gulf.

According to this agreement, Astara will be connected to the railway lines of the Republic of Azerbaijan before it is connected to the railway lines of the country through the Rasht-Qazvin railway line, while the speed and acceleration of the implementation of the Qazvin-Rasht railway project will be accelerated by the construction, development and transport infrastructure company. And the quote is running. And this railway line will be put into operation in the next two years.

The railway lines of Azerbaijan are connected to Europe and Central Asia, and the connection of the Qorvin-Rasht-Anzali-Astara railway line to the railway lines of Azerbaijan is very important for the commercial development of Iran in the rail sector. After the completion of the North-South Corridor railway, the cost of freight transportation will decrease, which is in the interest of both countries, and Iran is trying to complete this railway line as soon as possible.

The completion of the first phase of this project will lead to a 10-fold increase in the transportation of goods between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan. Also, if the volume of goods exchange between the two countries is about 500,000 tons, with the connection of the two countries’ railways, the volume of exchange will increase to 5 million tons per year. will find

The importance of Astara railway bridge

With the construction of this bridge, a significant part of the cargo and transit cargoes will be transferred to the rail. The opening of the Astara railway bridge will allow a significant volume of transit cargo to be transferred from road to rail, and besides not having to pay tolls for the entry of Iranian trucks into Azerbaijan, the share of rail will increase significantly.

This bridge will be built with the aim of connecting Astara to Astara between the two countries of Iran and Azerbaijan. Of course, this is not the end of the work, and on the Azerbaijan side, the rail should be connected to the border by building an eight-kilometer railway line, and in Iran, trains will be transferred to the terminal with a two-kilometer new rail line. With the construction of this bridge, the railway lines of the two countries will be connected to each other, and this will allow a significant part of the cargo and transit cargoes to be transferred to the rail.

When a driver pays $300 tolls to Azerbaijan, he will definitely go the rest of the way, and this makes the road transit from Iran to Russia and further routes continue. This is despite the fact that in case of rail connection, there will be no need for Iranian trucks to enter the territory of Azerbaijan, and saving on paying these tolls is one of the advantages of this bridge.

Considering that Rasht will be connected to the railway by next year. It can be expected that the railway will take over a larger part of the transit in this area, so that the cargoes will first come to Rasht, then they will be transported by truck about 150 km from Rasht to Astara, and then they will be transferred to the railway again to Russia and even Georgia. move. This event can significantly increase the share of railways in transit and raise hopes for increasing its influence.

The construction of this bridge is a prelude to the railway connection between Iran and Azerbaijan, which will reach the operational stage in the near future when the railway line reaches Astara.

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