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List of Domestic Customs and Authorized Operations


Barman Tarabar Company is an active company in the field of international transportation, proudly providing its services in this industry. As a specialized team, we value all the details and needs of your transportation requirements and strive to provide the best solutions through precise planning and effective methods.


In this section of the guide, we will introduce you to the list of domestic customs and authorized operations. Domestic customs play a vital role in international transportation, and they are mandatory for the import and export of goods. In this list, you can precisely identify the domestic customs of countries and become familiar with the authorized procedures and relevant regulations.


Furthermore, information about authorized operations at customs will also be provided to you. This includes laws and regulations related to exports and imports, restrictions, and necessary permits for various types of goods and other customs-related activities. With complete and accurate information about these operations, you will be able to efficiently transport goods and successfully navigate the customs process.


As a professional and experienced team, we assure you that with the provision of this list of domestic customs and authorized operations, you can properly and optimally utilize our international transportation services. Our goal is to establish a strong and sustainable relationship with our customers, and for this purpose, we make every effort to meet your needs in the best possible way.


Considering the ongoing changes in international transportation and advanced communication methods, we provide you with the best opportunities. Through our website, you can easily access the necessary information about domestic customs and authorized operations. Utilizing this reliable and accurate information will help you make the best decisions in the field of international transportation and carry out the customs process correctly.


In conclusion, by providing comprehensive and reliable information about domestic customs and authorized operations, we offer you the best solutions to plan effectively. We are always at your service and proudly provide you with the necessary resources to have the best experience in international transportation.




– Khark: The destination for foreign transit of fuel and its exports.

– Ilam: The origin of foreign transit only for empty trucks, and the destination for foreign transit is exclusively for fuel.

– Sarakhs: Transit operations are only carried out in the Sarakhs Special Economic Zone.

– Zahedan: The origin of foreign transit for rail cargo.

– Arvandkenar: No activity.

– Shiraz: The origin and destination of foreign transit are only carried out in the Shiraz Special Economic Zone.

– Sari: Foreign transit is only for fuel.

– Dasht Naz Sari Customs: Authorized for the import of red meat.

– Shahid Rajaei Special Economic Zone: Only the origin and destination of foreign transit are carried out.

– Yazd Textile Special Economic Zone: The origin and destination of foreign transit and the issuance of the carnet are performed.

– Shalamcheh: Transit is carried out from the Khoramshahr Customs.

– Temarchin and Shalamcheh Customs: Only scrap metal is imported.

– Bandar-e-Aftab: Cabotage to Kish and passenger transport to Kish and vice versa.

– Mirjaveh: Only permits for the clearance of exported fruits and livestock have been issued.

– Nourdooz: Temporary entry of foreign trucks and buses has been granted.

– Pars Energy Special Economic Zone: Cabotage of machinery for the general contracting company of Iran from Asalouyeh to Lavan Island has been granted.

– Aras Free Zone Customs: Transit procedures (origin and destination) and containers (origin and destination) have not been defined, and the procedures are carried out through Jolfa Customs.

– Temarchin Customs: Only authorized for one-way foreign transit (origin/destination).

– Razi Customs: Authorized to perform temporary entry procedures for passenger cars and buses.

– Khosravi Customs: Authorized for preliminary exit procedures for various types of vehicles.

– Shiraz Special Economic Zone: Authorized for foreign transit activity (origin and destination) as a one-way transport.

– Anzali Free Zone (Hasan Roud Section): Authorized to perform the origin and destination procedures for Tir.

– Carnet du Passage: Temporary entry carnet for vehicles has been issued to Nourdooz and Temarchin Customs.

– Carnet du Passage has been issued to Bushehr Special Economic Zone and western Tehran Customs.

– All supervisory and customs areas of provincial centers perform temporary exit procedures for vehicles.

– Export and import in markets refer to activities within the legal boundaries of border markets.

– Border markets are not authorized for transit activities.

– Kashan agency is authorized to carry out export clearance procedures.

– Malayer agency is authorized for definitive export procedures and is affiliated with the customs of Hamedan Province.

– There are agency offices for customs in Amol, Borujen, Malayer, and Kashan.


Customs Codes of the Country


Barman Tarabar Company is an active company in the field of international transportation, proudly providing reliable and efficient transportation services. As a professional team, we value all the details and your needs, striving to create the best experience for you by offering the best solutions.


In this guide, we will explore the section of the executive customs codes of the country. A customs code is a series of numbers and letters used to precisely identify goods in the customs process. This code enables you to accurately and quickly identify the type of goods and categorize them in the customs process.


As a specialized team, we assure you that with the provision of this guide and the executive customs codes, you can use our services to the best of your advantage and benefit from expediting and simplifying the customs process.


With continuous changes in technology and communication methods, easy access to information and executive customs codes has become much simpler. The capability for quick and accurate searches on our website allows you to swiftly access the necessary information and take immediate actions for starting or continuing your business.


As a result, by providing guidance and executive customs codes, we have been able to simplify and enhance the customs process. In general, considering the improvements in communication technology and easy access to information, it can be said that the customs process has improved, providing more facilities for international trade.

Executive customs code table of the country


 Arak 15200
 Bushehr Special Economic Zone 451001
 Imam Khomeini (RA) Airport 10103
 Bazargan 30100
 Chabahar Port 55108
 Amirabad Special Economic Zone 20304
 Khorramshahr 40202
 Shahid Bahonar 50200
 Qeshm 50102
 Jolfa 25300
 Urmia 30200
 Imam Khomeini (RA) Port 40400
 Kerman 50600
 Bandar Lengeh 50300
 Kish 50108
 Payam Special Economic Zone 10102
 Qom 90100
 Zahedan 55100
 Salfchegan Special Economic Zone 90101
 Ahvaz 40100
 Isfahan 15100
 Mirjaveh 55200
 Sahlan Special Economic Zone 25200
 Abadan 40203 40203
 West Tehran 10200
 Tabriz 25100
 Mashhad 60100
 Sirjan Special Economic Zone 50602
 Incheh Borun 20500
 Piranshahr 30207
 Yazd 50603
 Yazd Special Economic Zone 50901
 Bashmaq 35306
 Persian Gulf Mineral and Metal Industries Special Economic Zone 50800
 Shiraz Special Economic Zone 45301
 Mehran 35104
 Astara 20200
 Bushehr Special Economic Zone 451102
 Dogharoun 60500
 Bandar Ganaveh 45200
 Bileh Savar 25401
 Ardabil 25400
 Arge Bam Special Economic Zone 50605
 Nowshahr Special Economic Zone 20306
 Dilam 45201
 Sarakhs 60200
 Lutfabad 60400
 Qazvin 15300
 Pars Energy Special Economic Zone 45400
 Bandar e Fereydoun Kenar 20302
 Sari 20303
 Kermanshah 35100
 Sanandaj 35300
 Zanjan 80100
 Shahr e Kord 10800
 Saroo 30300
 Khoy 30203
 Anzali Free Trade Zone 20100
 Rafsanjan Special Economic Zone 50601
 Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company 15102
Semnan 15400
Bandar Shahid Rajaee 5010
Bushehr Special Economic Zone 451001




Transaction Codes in the Customs Declaration (in Terms of Payment for Goods)



Currency Transactions


Donation Transactions


Non-Transfer of Currency Transactions


Return Transactions


Border Market Transactions


Transshipment Transactions


Export Transactions from Temporary Entry


Border Exchange Transactions


Marine Transactions


Import Transactions in Exchange for Exports



Table of Codes for International Transportation Methods


Transportation Method Code
Sea Transportation 1
Rail Transportation 2
Land Transportation 3
Air Transportation 4
Postal Transportation 5
Multimodal Transportation 6
Continuous Transportation 7
Domestic Transportation by Sea 8
Unknown Means of Transportation 9


Codes for Types of Customs Procedures


Customs Procedure Code
Permanent Export 1000
Permanent Export After Temporary Export for Repair or Completion 1021
Permanent Export After Temporary Export for Exhibition 1022
Permanent Export After Temporary Export of Motor and Non-Motor Vehicles 1023
Temporary Export 2000
Temporary Export for Repair or Completion 2100
Temporary Export for Repair or Completion After Permanent Entry 2140
Temporary Export for Exhibition 2200
Temporary Export Non-Motorized 2400
Temporary Export for Exhibition After Permanent Entry 2240
Temporary Export of Motor and Non-Motor Vehicles 2300
Temporary Export of Motor and Non-Motor Vehicles After Permanent Entry 2340


License codes for ministries for imports


Entry of goods is prohibited 400
Ministry of Commerce License 401
Ministry of Industries License 402
Ministry of Agriculture Jihad License 403
Ministry of Mines and Metals License 404
Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education License 405
Ministry of Agriculture License 406
Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone License 407
Ministry of Petroleum License 408
Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance License 409
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance License 410
Ministry of Education License 411
Ministry of Culture and Higher Education License 412
Ministry of Energy License 413
Ministry of Defense and Support of Armed Forces License 414
Ministry of Interior License 415 415
Ministry of Roads and Urban Development License 416 416
Iran Institute of Standards and Industrial Research License 417 417
Atomic Energy Organization of Iran License 418 418



Customs Codes for Iranian Cities


Barman Tarabar Company, as an active company in the field of international transportation, is always striving to provide quality and reliable services to its customers. In this section, we have provided comprehensive information about customs codes related to various cities in Iran.


Customs codes for cities are of great importance in the international transportation process. These codes are used to accurately identify the origin and destination cities in the customs process, helping you deliver your packages and goods to their final destination with precision and speed.


By using customs codes for Iranian cities, you can adhere to the relevant customs regulations accurately and effectively. Each city in Iran has a unique customs code, which allows you to obtain necessary information about the customs process in that city.


Using customs codes for Iranian cities enables you to easily choose the most efficient methods for transporting goods. With these codes, you can precisely and effectively reach the final destination of your goods and expedite the customs process with greater speed and efficiency.


The comprehensive and extensive information provided on the guide page under “Customs Codes for Iranian Cities” will help you make the best decisions in the international transportation process. Utilizing this information will assist you in improving the performance of your company and satisfying your customers with better and more effective services.


As a result, by providing the “Customs Codes for Iranian Cities” section on our website, we have enhanced the international transportation process and provided you with quick and easy access to the necessary information about customs codes for Iranian cities.


IRABD: Abadan

IRABR: Abhar, 11

IRACP: Sahand

IRACZ: Zabol

IRADU: Ardabil

IRAEU: Abu Musa, 23

IRAFZ: Sabzevar National

IRAHR: Ahar, 01

IRAKW: Aghajari

IRAMD: Bandar Amirabad, 21

IRAMP: Amir Abad Pt, 21

IRAMR: Amara

IRARA: Arak, 22

IRASA: Asaluyeh, 06

IRASR: Astara

IRAWZ: Ahwaz


IRBAH: Bandar Assaluyeh

IRBAJ: Bajgiran

IRBAM: Amirabad, 06

IRBAZ: Bandar-e Anzali, 19

IRBBL: Babolsar

IRBDH: Bandar-e Lengeh, 23

IRBIK: Imam Khomeini Pt/ Mahshahr City, 10

IRBJB: Bojnurd

IRBKK: Bandar-e Emam Khomeyni

IRBKM: Bandar Khomeini, 10

IRBMR: Bandar Mashur, 10

IRBND: Bandar Abbas, 23

IRBNH: Baneh, 22

IRBOR: Borazjan

IRBRG: Bandar-e Gaz

IRBRJ: Borujerd, 20

IRBSM: Bisheh Kola

IRBSR: Bandar Shahid Rajaee

IRBUZ: Bushehr, 06


IRCKT: Sarakhs

IRCYT: Soroosh (Cyrus) Terminal

IRDAM: Damavand

IRDEF: Dezful, 10

IRDEH: Dehbid, 14

IRDGN: Basargan

IRDJU: Jolfa, 01

IRDOG: Do Gharun

IRESF: Esfahan

IRFAZ: Fasa, 14

IRFKR: Freidoon Kenar, 21

IRFR7: Fardis, 07

IRGBT: Gorgan, 27

IRGCH: Gachsaran, 18

(IRGHA: Ghazvin (Qazwin

IRGNH: Ganaveh

IRGSM: Gheshm

IRHDM: Hamadan

IRHDR: Havadarya, 23

IRHEJ: Henjam

IRHOR: Hormuz

IRIAQ: Bahregan


IRIFN: Isfahan

IRIHR: Tilkuh (Iran Shahr), 16


IRIKA: Imam Khomeini International Apt/Tehran, 07

IRIMH: Imam Hasan

IRIQH: Islam Qal’eh


IRJBD: Abadeh, 14

IRJRT: Jiroft, 15

IRKAL: Kalaleh

IRKAS: Kashan

IRKER: Kerman

IRKHA: Khaneh

IRKHD: Khorramabad

IRKHK: Khark Island

IRKHO: Khorramshahr

IRKHS: Khosravi

IRKHY: Khvoy, 02

IRKIH: Kish Island

IRKMS: Kermanshah, 25

IRKNR: Kangan

IRKOR: Khosrowshahr

IRKSH: Kermanshah (Bakhtaran), 17

IRLFM: Lamerd, 14

IRLIN: Lingah


IRLVP: Lavan

IRMEB: Meybod, 25

IRMHD: Mashad

IRMLK: Malekan

IRMMH: Mazandaran Mahalleh, 11

IRMRX: Bandar-e Måh Shahr, 10

IRNEK: Bandar Neka

IRNKA: Neka, 21

IRNKW: Nakhjavån Tappeh

IRNSH: Now Shahr

IRNUJ: Nojeh

IROMH: Urmieh

IROMI: Omidiyeh, 10

IROSM: Mosul

IRPFQ: Parsabad

IRPGU: Asaloyeh

IRPSR: Piran Shahr

IRPYK: Payam Apt

IRQAZ: Qazvin, 11

IRQHK: Shahre Kord

IRQKC: Karaj, 07

IRQMJ: Masjed Soleyman

IRQSH: Qeshm island

IRQSM: Qeshm

IRQUM: Qum, 26

IRQYS: Yasouj, 18

IRRAS: Rasht

IRRBA: Ras Bahrgan

IRRJN: Rafsanjan

IRRTM: Ratawi

IRRZR: Ramsar

IRSAB: Sabzevar, 30

IRSAN: Sahlan

IRSAZ: Sabzevar, 20

IRSBR: Shahid Bahonar, 23

IRSDG: Sanandaj

IRSEK: Shahr-e Kord, 08

IRSEM: Semnan, 12

IRSFN: Salafchegan, 22

IRSHA: Shahrud, 12

IRSHS: Shahriar


IRSMW: Samawa

IRSRA: Sarooj Anchorage

IRSRJ: Sirjan

IRSRP: Shahid Rajaee Pt/Bandar Abbas, 23


IRSVH: Saveh, 22

IRSXI: Sirri Island

IRSYZ: Shiraz

IRTAJ: Tajabad

IRTBZ: Tabriz

IRTCX: Tabas

IRTEW: Tohid

IRTHR: Tehran

IRTMB: Tombak, 06

IRUZA: Al Uzsayr

IRWPS: Persepolis

IRXBJ: Birjand

IRYAS: Yasuj

IRZAH: Zahedan

IRZAN: Zanjan

IRZBR: Chah Bahar

IRZVI: Zarand, 15