Rail transportation from Sarkhs and Lotfabad to Afghanistan and Central Asia

Rail transportation from Sarakhs and Lotfabad to Afghanistan and Central Asia


Considering the geographical location and strategic importance of Sarakhs, Motahari and Inche Baoron near the borders of Afghanistan and Central Asia, rail transportation from these areas can be a useful recommendation as an effective and affordable way of transportation. Below we examine some of the advantages and reasons for this proposal:

Increasing speed and efficiency:

Rail transport has higher speed and efficiency compared to road transport. This means reduced transportation time and increased cargo carrying capacity. Through railway lines, goods can be transported quickly and with greater capacity from Sarkhas, Motahari and beyond to Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Reduced costs :

Rail transportation usually reduces transportation costs due to reduced fuel consumption and bulk transportation . Also, through rail transportation, maintenance and repair costs can be minimized, and considering that each wagon has the capacity to load 3 cars, rail transportation is cost-effective for high-tonnage loads.


Reduction of road traffic:

By transporting loads by rail, road traffic that may occur due to high volume of transportation is reduced. In addition to reducing air pollution and protecting the environment, this issue also helps to facilitate traffic for cars and improve road safety.


Better international connections:

Rail transportation from Sarakhs , Motahari and so on to Afghanistan and Central Asia will strengthen international connections. This provides the ground for trade exchange and other economic and political cooperation.


Development of border areas :

The use of rail transportation can stimulate economic prosperity and development of border areas . By upgrading the transportation infrastructure and facilitating the transfer of goods, job opportunities will be created and the economy of the region will be strengthened.