International Transportation to Afghanistan, Pakistan & India

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Iran is one of the largest suppliers of factories and industries in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Every day, a large amount of volume of goods is exchanged between these countries.

Barman Tarabar International Transportation Company, a lead in providing transportation services, has been able to have a big role in these transfers with its perseverance and high experience.


Air cargo transportation (air cargo shipment):

Sending air cargo to all airports in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India or vice versa.

Also sending cargo from there to other parts of the world by Barman Tarabar International Transport Company.

Road cargo transportation:

sending road cargo from the borders of Iran to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India using tent, floor, refrigerator, etc. vehicles by Barman Tarabar International Transportation Company.

Shipping by sea (shipping by sea):

Sending cargo to all ports in the world with 20 feet and 40 feet containers.

Rail cargo transportation:

sending cargo to Afghanistan by open-top, roofed, long-edge, short-edge wagons, etc.

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International transportation (exports) from Iran to the countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India is very important according to the strategic location and commercial and economic relations between these countries.

Road transportation (shipping by road):

Road routes between Iran and these countries are very important for international transportation.

Some of the main routes are:


For transportation to Afghanistan:

Zahedan-Mirjaveh-Iranshahr routes and Herat-Iran route.

For transportation to Pakistan:

Zahedan-Quds and Taftan-Mirjaveh routes.

For transportation to India:

Iran – Bandar Abbas routes.

These routes provide the possibility of transiting goods and sending cargo, and facilitate safe and efficient transportation by using appropriate logistics services.

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Rail transportation (shipping by rail):

International transportation to Afghanistan is also done by railway lines. These lines allow the transportation of goods.

Sea transportation:

international transportation is done to Pakistan and India by sea ports.

Chabahar and Bandar Abbas ports in Iran are used as the main ports in international transportation to these countries.

Export destinations of Pakistan are Karachi Port and of India are Mumbai Port, Kandla Port, Navashiva Port, Vizak Port, Chennai Port, Haldia Port, Pradesh Port, Okha Port, Mundra Port, Calcutta Port, Pur Port, Mandvi Port and Chidambaranar Port.

Air transportation:

International airports in Iran and the countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India have an important role in international transportation.

These airports provide the possibility of sending and receiving goods and are transit and aggregation centers.

By using these transportation methods, Iran as a bridge between these countries, has an important role in facilitating international trade and transportation.

To send your goods to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, contact our consultants in this path to receive news and updated information on this.

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