International Transportation to Afghanistan, Pakistan & India

International Transportation to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India :

Iran is one of the largest suppliers to industries in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. The exchange of a significant volume of goods takes place between these countries daily. Barman Tarabar Transportation Company , with dedication and extensive experience, has played a significant role in these transportation exchanges.

Air Freight:

We offer air cargo services to all airports in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India, as well as from these destinations to other global points through Barman Tarabar Transportation Company.

Road Freight:

We provide road transportation services from Iran’s borders to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India using various types of trucks, including tent truck, platform, reefer one, etc .

Sea Freight:

We offer cargo shipping services to all ports worldwide with various container , including 20’ and 40’ containers .

Rail Freight Transportation:

Rail cargo transportation :

Sending cargo to Afghanistan using open-top, covered, long -edge , short-edge , and other types of railcars . Barman Tarabar Transportation Company offers services including commerce, warehousing, unloading, loading, exports, and imports. For more information, please contact 09158186856.

International Transportation (Exports) from Iran to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India:

Due to Iran’s strategic geographical location and its trade and economic relationships with Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India, international transportation from Iran to these countries is important.

  1. Road Transportation: Road routes between Iran and these countries are crucial for international transportation. Some main routes include :
  • For transportation to Afghanistan: Zahedan-Mirjaveh-Iranshahr route and Herat-Iran route.
  • For transportation to Pakistan: Zahedan-Quds route and the Taftan-Mirjaveh route.
  • For transportation to India: Iran-Bandar Abbas route.

These routes facilitate transit and secure transportation using appropriate logistics services. For more information, please contact 09158186856 to use from our expert consultants.

  1. Rail Transportation: International transportation to Afghanistan is possible via railway lines. These lines facilitate the transportation of goods.
  2. Sea Transportation: International transportation to Pakistan and India is possible through sea ports. Ports like Chabahar and Bandar Abbas in Iran are major ports used for transportation to these countries. Export destinations include Karachi for Pakistan and Mumbai, Kandla, Nhava Sheva, Vishakhapatnam, Chennai, Haldia, Paradip, Okha, Mundra, Kolkata, Porbandar, Mandavi , Jodhpur, and more for India.
  3. Air Transportation: International airports in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India play a crucial role in international transportation. These airports enable sending and receiving of goods and act as transit and consolidation centers.

By using these transportation methods, Iran serves as a crucial communication bridge between these countries , facilitating international trade and transportation. To send your cargo to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India, simply get in touch with our consultants on this route to receive updated information.