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Shipping to Africa



Shipping to Africa

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Barman Tarabar offers import cargo transportation with more than 100 regular and charter flights to airports in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, offering customers many options and facilities to move their goods through different airlines with flexibility.



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Although the name of Africa has always been a reminder of poverty, according to international estimates, 96% of diamonds, 90% of chromium, 85% of platinum, 50% of cobalt, 55% of manganese, 40% of bauxite, 13% of copper, 50% of phosphate, 65% of the gold, and 30% of the world’s thorium and uranium are located in Africa, and iron, tin, zinc, lead, coal, precious stones and nickel are found in abundance in Africa.


10 countries of this continent including Nigeria, Libya, Gabon, Algeria and Angola are oil exporters. Due to the heavy rains, most of the lands of this continent are fertile and the dense forests next to the green fields are considered one of the God-given treasures of Africa. This continent can provide food for all the people of the world with a modern agricultural system and with some investment. This rich continent owns 20-25% of the world’s electric and hydraulic capacity and can provide clean energy for the whole world with solar energy technology.


Iranian investors and businessmen and owners of private sector industries can operate in the field of small industries, heavy industries and infrastructure.


In terms of geopolitics, the location of Africa between the continents of Asia and Europe and the existence of four strategic sea waterways (Suez Canal, Strait of Gibraltar, Bab Al-Mandeb and Cape Omidnik) have given special importance to this continent.


Export items to Africa:

According to the statistics published by Iranian Customs, the African market has a good potential for the export of petrochemical products and food. The most important export items of Iran to South Africa are petrochemical products, bitumen, oil, tiles and ceramics, dates, electric transformers, all kinds of floor coverings and hand-woven carpets, pistachios, industrial oil, etc.


Items imported from Africa:

Iran’s imported items from African countries mainly include livestock corn, manganese ore and concentrates, tobacco and tea, yellowfin, mining machinery and devices, essential oil, peas, plants used in perfumery and pharmaceuticals, some dried podded vegetables, stone and some fruit seeds.


Shipping from Iran to South Africa


Port of Durban:

Durban port has the most ship traffic in the entire African continent and is considered the most important and largest port facility in South Africa. This port was established in 1824 under British colonial identity. About 60% of South Africa’s total transport revenue is provided by Durban port facilities. This port facility is located in the Durban Bay and in addition, handles 60% of South Africa’s total container traffic. A set of more than 58 berths, containers, dry bulk and liquid cargoes are active throughout the year. This port complex has the ability to accept ships with a capacity of 23,000 DWT. Durban port is connected to more than 302 km of domestic railway network of this country.


Durban Port:

South Africa is one of the destinations where Barman Tarabar Company provides the best price and the best service for 20-foot, 40-foot and 40-foot refrigerated containers. This service is done as cross-stuff from Dubai.


The services of Barman Tarabar include sea cargo, air cargo, road transportation, isotank, flexitank, bulk, packaging, Ex Work and Door to Door.


Richards Bay Port:


Richards Bay port was established in 1972 with the approval of the parliament of this country for commercial operations. This port facilitates the transportation and export of coal in South Africa and is one of the largest ports in Africa from this point of view. This center can easily accommodate large ships with a draft of 17.5 to 19.5 meters and 5 of its 6 berths are specifically dedicated to unloading and loading coal throughout the year. The volume of annual port operations in Richards Bay port reaches 80 million tons.


Elizabeth Port:


This port operates as the main operator of container terminals. The length of the berth for the container terminal of this port is approximately 1 km, which is divided into 3 container berths. In addition, 6 wharves are dedicated to moving bulk goods and 2 wharves are dedicated to ore operations. This port is connected to the rail and road transportation system in South Africa for moving ore and bulk cargo.


Cape Town Port:

The port of Cape Town has an area of 2.53 square kilometers and a quay of 9.5 square kilometers. Its establishment dates back to 1652, and a large part of its construction was done by the Dutch. This facility has 34 berths, which includes a berth for repairing small boats. 6 container docks serve large container ships. This port facility has grain storage centers with a handling capacity of 28,000 cubic meters of grain cargo.


Cargo transportation from Iran to East Africa

Port of Dar es Salaam:


The port of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania includes about ninety percent of the country’s international trade. Due to its strategic location, this port is the best point for providing services to the countries of East and Central Africa and as the pillar of the transportation economy of Malawi, Zambia, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. Dar es Salaam is connected to the interior regions of Tanzania and the port of Tanganyika and other neighboring countries through the railway line, and annually transports a huge amount of goods to different places inside and outside of Tanzania.


Most of the products imported to developing countries are imported from the important port of Mombasa, so that about 76.6% of all cargoes transited from the port of Mombasa are to Uganda, 10.06% to South Sudan and 5.07% to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Therefore, the important point is the power of the commercial bridge of this port, that by using this port, merchants can transit their goods not only to Kenya but also to Peskerane.




Port of Mombasa:


The port of Mombasa is considered one of the most important ports in East Africa (Kenya) because this port provides the sea connection between the African continent and the Middle East and Asia. In fact, this port is not only important because of the trade with Kenya, but the expansion of trade in this port means the expansion of trade with other African countries, and a network of roads and railways connects this port with other countries and the possibility It provides trade with other East African countries. Due to the commercial potential in African markets as well as transportation from this port to other countries, Mombasa is considered an open door to trade with the African continent, which has caused countries to compete for trade and investment in East African ports.


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Barman Traber Company offers professional solutions for transporting cargo to Africa using its experience and expertise in the field of international transportation. With numerous offices and agencies around the world, we are able to provide cargo transportation services from Iran and different parts of the world to all African ports. Our services include shipping service to Port Elizabeth, shipping service to Cape Town port, shipping service to Durban port, shipping service to Nolati port, shipping service to Richards Bay port, shipping service to East London, shipping service to Mombasa and sea shipping service to Dar es Salaam.


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