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New Zealand is a country in the southwest Pacific Ocean, consisting of two main islands, North and South, and more than 700 smaller islands. This country has a unique history and cultural geography that is known as a popular tourist destination. Over the years, New Zealand has also become a business destination, and business plays an important role in the country’s economy. New Zealand is a country with a small economy that has a lot of imports and exports. Important industries in New Zealand include agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing industry, dairy industry, production and export of textile fibers and wood and wood products. New Zealand’s exports include agricultural products such as sheep meat, beef, dairy products, canned fruit and fish, textile fibers, wood and wood products, as well as smaller technological products such as software and information technology. Important cities of New Zealand:


The capital of New Zealand is located in the North Island. Wellington is one of the cultural and economic centers of the country. This city has many museums, art galleries, theaters and beautiful green spaces.


New Zealand’s largest city is located in the North Island. Auckland is one of the important commercial and financial centers of New Zealand and is also the country’s largest port for transportation and international trade exchanges.

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Located in the South Island, it is the second largest city in New Zealand. This city is known as a recreational center and is located near beautiful natural landscapes such as mountains and seas. It is also considered one of the important ports of this country for the container transportation of goods and products.


a city in the North Island known as the center of the agricultural and animal husbandry industry. Hamilton also has prestigious universities and research centers. This is a brief description of New Zealand’s major trade and cities. With its natural and cultural diversity, this country has gained special importance as an attractive tourist and business destination. Barman Trabar International Transport Company, having the following facilities, can provide unique services to imports from New Zealand to all Points of the world and also Iran by sea and air.

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