China to Iran railway route

Rail Transportation Services from China to Iran


Given the continuous growth of international trade and the needs of customers in the field of international transportation, Barman Tarabar Company offers rail transportation services from China to Iran to its valued customers. With years of experience and expertise in this field, we, as one of the industry leaders in international transportation, provide exceptional services in the China to Iran rail route through collaboration with reputable and well-equipped rail transportation companies.


Our Capabilities in Rail Transportation


Barman Tarabar Company, with its strong infrastructure and adequate resources, has the capability to transport diverse and high-volume cargoes in the China to Iran rail route. Through collaboration with railways and reputable transportation companies, we can facilitate the transportation of industrial, containerized, and project cargoes. Additionally, we offer various services such as loading, unloading, warehousing, and cargo insurance to provide our valued customers with comfort and complete assurance in their cargo transportation, meeting their needs.


Scheduling and Customization


In the China to Iran rail route, Barman Tarabar Company has the ability to schedule and coordinate transportation in accordance with our customers’ requirements. Taking into consideration railway regulations and customer needs, we meticulously schedule cargo transportation to provide the best services to our customers.


Support and Security


Barman Tarabar Company prioritizes the safety and security of its customers’ cargo. In the China to Iran rail route, we ensure the safe transportation of cargoes by adhering to security standards, proper packaging, and the use of protective equipment. Additionally, our support team is ready to address any customer questions or needs to provide them with a pleasant transportation experience.


Competitive Costs


In the China to Iran rail route, Barman Tarabar Company offers competitive and fair costs, allowing our customers to optimize their international transportation expenses. We provide the best price quotes based on the type of cargo, route, and customer needs, enabling customers to experience greater cost-efficiency in their international transportation.


Comprehensive Services


As a comprehensive international transportation company, Barman Tarabar Company not only offers rail transportation services from China to Iran but also provides various services in maritime, air, and road transportation. Through collaboration with an extensive network of international partners, we are capable of offering integrated and customized solutions to meet your transportation needs.


Increased Efficiency


Since rail transportation is one of the most efficient methods for cargo transportation, by utilizing rail transportation services from China to Iran, customers can achieve greater efficiency in terms of time and cost in their transportation. This method leads to time-saving in transit, reduced transportation costs, and enhanced accuracy and cargo tracking capabilities.


By choosing rail transportation services from China to Iran through Barman Tarabar Company, you will experience the best solutions in international transportation. Our team is ready to receive your requests and answer your questions to provide full guidance in selecting the most suitable transportation services for you. Contact us and have the best experience in international transportation.


For the transportation of various types of cargo from China to Iran via rail, the following routes are available:



Old Route


New Route