Having official brokerage card issued at Iran Customs House since 1997, enabled us to provide our clients with export, import, temporary import for fair products, internal and external transit services.

Full range of logistics support including air, sea, rail, road and swap is possible in all ports, customs house, main cities & borders of Iran.

Best customs broker in Iran Darvazeh Talayee Rah va Darya LTD co. is one of the sister companies of Khadem Brokers by having formal customs broker card from customs of Iran .card no: 9607

We have provided the below services for 20 years:

  • Import
  • Export
  • Transit
  • Expo services
  • Temporary/permanent import
  • Issue invoice and packing list
  • Trading card from trading administration
  • Direct import and export by our own card and insurance card
  • Issue Exemption Letter

For inquiries send email to: info@barmantarabar.com

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