Warehousing Service by Barman

Cotton & Silk

Over the past ten years, we transported cotton from CIS countries like Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan via Bandar Abbas, Iran to various countries our clients request like Bangladesh, China and other countries.

Our professional transportation service for cotton and silk is as below:

  • Road/Rail transportation
  • Customs clearance at entry borders of Iran
  • Warehousing & Storage
  • Container stuffing after client’s order
  • Taking to final destination and delivering the cargo against presenting BL or release of the container

In this regard, we can issue HBL & FBL as well.

Having sufficient experience in loading, unloading, rail and road transportation, we can offer professional services to our valued clients.


Our company is capable of purchasing, transporting and moving goods from CIS countries via Bandar Abbas/Iran to other points in the world.

We have special service for transporting fertilizers:

  • Purchasing goods and transporting from CIS via Sarakhs (Iran) to Bandar Abbas
  • Unloading from wagon without hook (by workers) onto truck and moving to warehouse and unloading there
  • Unloading from wagons and direct stuffing into the containers
  • Stuffing goods in warehouse
  • Free warehousing services for 30 days
  • Stuffing goods in the containers
  • Moving cargo with bucket to the bulk vessel for Break bulk shipment
  • doing needed customs formalities
  • Insuring goods
  • Giving warehouse slip to the customers
  • Keeping goods safe from humidity and dust

Other warehousing services include:

Goods warehousing and shipment services – Gasoil and Gasoline in Amir Abad port warehouses, Neka port in North of Iran, Lotf Abad and Islam Qala border.

  • Transportation of Oil products by wagons, trucks and vessels as combined way of transportation (Multimodal)
  • Transporting goods and warehousing services for lamp and granule sulfur from the origin in CIS or Sarakhs/ Iran in 50 kg bags or jumbo bags.
  • Transportation and warehousing services for iron ore purchased from different mines of Iran (Khaf rock mines) by road and rail up to Bandar Abbas and warehousing services in Bandar Abbas for bulk or containerized shipments.
  • Shipment and warehousing of sheets of metal, Aluminum, Copper and Iron.

Our road & rail transport service are the best way possible for taking brand new and used cars from Hamriyah port in Dubai or other points in the world via Bandar Abbas or Bandar Lengeh to CIS, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia.

Car transportation is done by car-carriers or special wagons made for this purpose. To deliver the passenger cars, we have a network of agents in different cities such as Ashgabat, Mary and Turkmen Abad (in Turkmenistan) Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and also in Nimrooz, Islam Qala, Herat, and Kabul in Afghanistan.

Cars transferred by our trucks go under carrier liability insurance (CMR).

Car-carriers are able to carry 6 to 8 cars.

For Oil & Gas transportation and warehousing, we have direct, indirect & swap services. Other truck services provided by our company include transporting pipes and other equipment related to oil & gas Industry to Turkmenistan, Eloten, Farab, Turkmenbashi, Hazar, Balkan Abad, and Turkmenbashi.

Transportation is done by Low-bed and Flat trucks.

We offer full services for storage and transportation of medicines by Reefer trucks. Currently, our company transports medicines from countries like India and medical equipment from China to different destination in CIS such as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan & Afghanistan. These services are done professionally, specifically and include insurance. Professional and experienced drivers take responsibility of transportation of the medicine.

Best Logistics Company in Iran
Barman Tarabar can provide service for all of ingots, metals, bulk, and mineral cargo as coordinate with clients to bonded area with all equipment such as fire station and full securities based on economic rates.

The best warehouse service in Iran
Barman Tarabar has agreement with general warehouse of customs for using of all customs.

We can arrange warehousing in all of the importing borders, free zones and ports. Warehouse of Bandar Abbas, BIK, Bushehr, Chabahar, AmirAbad, Anzali ports, Sarakhs, Bazargan, Dogharon.
Fee zone: Sahlan, Tabriz, Aras free zone, Sirjan, Salafchegan and etc. Rail way station of sarakhs, Motahary, Khaf, Tehran, Bandar Abbas, sahlan, Tabriz and Mirjaveh stations.

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